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NURS 572 -55

hematopoeitic growth factors

hematopoietic growth factors treat for RBC, WBC
thrombopoietic growth factors treat for platelets
how must all hematopoietic growth factors be admin parentarally
epoetin-alpha MOA recomb DNA --> RBC production. Need essential Fe, Folic Acit, Vit B12
indications for epoetin-alpha chronic renal failure, HIV +, chemorx pts, anemic pts facing surgery
Epoetin-alpha ADRs HTN (increased Hgb) --> MI, CVA, HF very rare autoimmune red cell aplasia
epoetin-alph monitoring Hgb should be 10-12 g/dL, monitor bp q 4. May require anti-HTN med
Darbepoetin-alpha modified epoetin for double the half-life of 48 hours
Methoxypolyethylene glcol epoetin-beta modified epoetin lasting much longer, q2 week admin
Filgrastim-G-CSF full name filgrastim granulocyte colony stimulating factor
filgrastim-G-CSF indications to elevate neutrophil counts in cancer pts EXCEPT myeloid cancers
Filgrastim - G - CSF ADRs bone pain, leukocytosis (increases to 100,000)
filgrasti - G - CSF monitoring monitor CBC, temp, infection, bone pain
Pegfilgrastim peglated with polyethylene glycol to increase half life, otherwise same as filgrastim
sargramostin GM-CSF full name granulocyte + macrophage/monocyte colony stimulating factor
Sargramostin GM CSF indications bone marrow transplant pts, to increase neutrophils, macrophages/monocytes
sargramostin GM CSF ADRs diarrhea, weakness, rash, bone pain, leukocytosis and/or thrombocytosis
oprelveken IL-11 full name oprelvekin interleukin-11
oprelvekin IL-11 MOA thrombopoietic growth factor stimulates megakaryocytes and maturation
oprelvekin IL-11 indications for myelosuppresive chemorx to minimize thrombocytopenia, decreasing the need for platelet transfusion
oprelvekin IL-11 ADRs #1 Na/fluid retention --> 15% increase in plasma volume --> peripheral edema --> HF
oprelvekin IL-11 ADRs #2 cardiac dysrthythmias, blurred vision, papilledema, rarely death
Created by: lorrelaws