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Micro Ch 27 Vector

Micro Ch 27 Vector borne infections

HA, Fever, GI bleed, shock, death. Mid-zonal liver damage with acidophilic inclusion bodies. Dx? Yellow Fever
African teen w/ F, HA, N/V, and rash. Gets better. 4 years later sick w/ rapid deterioration, shock, GI bleed and skin petechial hemorrhage dengue fever w/ DHF/DSS
Fever, HA, rash, Vasculitis in skin, liver, CNS. Usual agent? Rickettsiae, not Q-fever
American child, in July, bit by tick; F, severe HA, myalgia Dx/ what do you expect next? RMSF; R. rickettsia; maculopapular rash; dog tick
October in Greece, F, HA, myalgia, then rash on palms and soles; Dx? Outcome/ R. conorii; dog tick; favorable
Brill-Zinsser disease. Caused by Epidemic typhus; R. prowazekii
Slum in War torn South America, outbreak, no eshar, F, HA, 5 days later body rash spreading out, delirium and coma Dx? R. prowazekii; Epidemic typhus; body louse
Less sever than epidemic typus Endemic typhus; R. typhi; rat flea
Japan, eschar, F, HA x 5 days then macular rash. Dx? Transmitted? O. tsutsugamushi; chiggers
Gram – spirochete, geimsa stain, F/C wax and wain every 5-7 days Dx? Tx? Transmission? R. recurrentis; Tetracycline; Ticks
Erythema Migrans Dx? Tx? 3 latent Sxs? B. burgdorferi in USA, garinii/afzelii in other parts; Doxy; neurological, cardiovascular, arthritis
BAKE a key LYME pie Bell’s palsy, Arthritis, Kardiac block, Erythema migrans
Q fever Cause? Coxiella burnetti
Trench Fever Cause? Bartonella Quintana
Granulocytes with berry cluster of organisms Erlichia chaffeensis
W. Africans lack this, gives resistance to P. vivax Duffy antigen
Most virulent Plasmodium. falciparum
Plasmodium that can cause Nephrotic syndrome P. malariae
Can leave “sleeping” hypnozoites in liver for up to 2 years to cause relapse P. ovale and P. vivax
Plasmodium that can persist at low levels for decades and then cause Sxs from time to time P. malariae
Renal failure due to acute tubular necrosis in a traveler to Africa Dx? P. falciparum
3 contributors to plasmodium mortality anemia, hypoglycemia, lactic acidosis
East? West? African Sleeping Sickness Causes? T.b. rhodesiense & T.b. gamiense
Sleeping sickness with swollen chancre at site of bite WorE? East T.b. rhodesiense
Winterbottom’s sign, what is it and DDX? swollen lymph node on back of neck: T.b. rhodesiense or gambiense
Sleeping sickness Txs? Rhodesiense: Suramin(IV) then CNS Melarsoprol; Gambiense: pentamidine/eflornithine then eflornithine/ Melarsoprol.
Chagas’ Disease Cause? Transmission? T.cruzi; “kissing” bug; painless bite
Chagas’ Dxtic findings/Sxs? Chagomas at bite, fever, immediate heart failure; megacolon, megaesophagus; weakening & dilation of the heart ventricles
Transmitted by sandfly leishmania parasites
Leishmania infect what cells? intracellular macrophages
Fever, weight loss x months, then hepato-splenomegaly kala-azar; Visceral leishmaniasis
Treated kala-azar can result in PKDL- post kala-azar dermal meishmaniasis.
3 New World leishmaniasis species braziliensis, Mexicana, peruviana.
Bloody urine Dx? Tx? Visual findings and possibilities? Schistosomiasis (haematobium) Priziquantel; bladder polyps, inflammation; malignant change
Portal hypertension with perisinusoidal granulomas, Symmers’ pipestem fibrosis Dx Schistosomaisis
Swollen scrotum worsening over years, with lower limb involvement Dx? Tx? Brugeria or Wuchereria; Albendazole
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