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Lesson 10 New Words

China Scene: An Advanced Chinese Multimedia Course

pǔ tōng huà Mandarin, standard Chinese language 普通话
ní kēng mud pit 泥坑
xián liáo to chat casually 闲聊
shēn wù tòng jué to hate bitterly, to detest 深恶痛绝
wéi chéng surrounded town, besieged town 围城
shè xiàng jī video camera 摄像机
dī tóu to lower one's head 低头
mò mò quietly, silently 默默
guì bīn jí the rank of VIP 贵宾级
lǐ yù courteous treatment 礼遇
huà xiá zi chatterbox 话匣子
hē hē sound of laughter 呵呵
mò qì tacit agreement 默契
hé zuò cooperation; to cooperate, to collaborate 合作
shōu chē to stop driving around 收车
bēn máng to hurry around, to be busy doing something 奔忙
guǎi jiǎo corner 拐角
hài hey! 嗨
téng chū to spare 腾出
cǐ kè at this time, now 此刻
jì mò lonely 寂寞
ān lì shā An Lisha, name of a person 安丽莎
chī jīng to be surprised, to be startled 吃惊
jù tǒng jì according to statistics 据统计
chū zū qì chē taxi 出租汽车
pái zhào license plate 牌照
kè yùn passenger transport 客运
zī gé zhèng certificate 资格证
sī jī driver 司机
shǒu dū jīng mào dà xué Capital University of Economics and Business 首都经贸大学
shǒu jīng dà Capital University of Economics and Business (shorthand) 首经大
dān diào monotonous 单调
kū zào dull and dry, boring 枯燥
nǎo zi brain 脑子
zhāo shǒu to wave at 招手
fā piào receipt 发票
zǎn qián to save money 攒钱
xì xì de carefully 细细地
yī chén bù rǎn dustless 一尘不染
chē shēn car body 车身
shū tǎn comfortable 舒坦
zhōng yú eventually, finally 终于
bù mǎn zú not satisfied with 不满足
háo wú not at all 毫无
cí zhí to resign 辞职
còu qián to collect money, to raise funds 凑钱
wēi xíng mini, miniature 微型
yùn shū transportation 运输
jǔ dòng action 举动
wài chū to go out 外出
guó qìng jié National Day 国庆节
tòng kuài happy, delighted 痛快
chàng kuài joyful, carefree 畅快
gǎn mào to catch a cold 感冒
shāo wēi a little bit, slightly 稍微
qīng sōng light and relaxed 轻松
Created by: andreakim91
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