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Lesson 17 ATC


xing4 sex; sexual
态度 tai4 du4 attitude
最近 zui4 jin4 recently
北京医科大学 bei3jing1 Yi1ke1 Da4xue2 Beijing Medical University
公共卫生学院 Gong1gong4 Wei4sheng1 Xue2yuan4 School of Public Health
高校 gao1xiao4 Universities and colleges
在校 zai4xiao4 be at school (n)
本科 ben3ke1 Undergraduate
观念 guan1nian4 Concept
调查 diao4cha2 Survey; investigation
期中 qi1zhong1 Among (them, which, etc.)
zhan4 To make up; to account for
平均 ping2jun1 Average
年龄 nian2ling2 Age
婚前 hun1qian2 Premarital
性行为 xing4 xing2wei2 Sexual intercourse; sexual behavior
半数 ban4shu4 Half (the number)
以上 yi3shang4 Over and above
认为 ren4wei2 To think that; to believe
绝对 jue2dui4 Absolutely
禁止 jin4zhi3 To forbid; to prohibit from
双方 shuang1fang1 Both parties; both sides
相爱 xiang1ai4 To be in love with each other
稳定 wen3ding4 Steady; stable
可以接受的 ke3yi3 jie1shou4 de Acceptable
研究者 yan2jiu1zhe3 Researcher
结果 jie2guo3 Result; outcome
表明 biao3ming2 To demonstrate
当今 dang1jin1 At present time; today
西方 xi1fang1 West; Western
自由 zi4you2 Freedom
思潮 si1chao2 Trend of thought
开放 kai1fang4 Open; Liberal
目前 mu4qian2 At present; for the time being
恋人 lian4ren2 Lover; sweetheart
首次 shou3ci4 First time
发生 fa1sheng1 To happen; to have
左右 PART 2 zuo3you4 About; or so
倾向于 qing1xiang4yu2 To be inclined to; to tend to
自我保护 zi4wo3 bao3hu4 Self protection
意识 yi4shi2 Awareness
jiao4 Relatively
cha4 Bad
当。。。时 dang1..shi2 When
保险套 bao3xian3tao4 Condom
人员 ren2yuan2 Personnel; staff
分析 fen1xi1 To analyze
处于 chu3yu2 To be in
混乱 hun4luan4 Disorderly; chaotic
危险 wei1xian3 Dangerous
传统 chuan2tong3 Tradition; Convention
价值观 jia4zhi1guan1 Value system
贞节 zhen1jie2 Chastity or virginity
青年 qing1nian2 Young people; a youth
方式 fang1shi4 Fashion; way; manner
某些 mou3xie1 Some; certain
自由化 zi4you2hua4 To Liberalize
ru2 For example; such as
相当 xiang1dang1 Quite considerable
chi2 To hold (an opinion or an attitude)
宽容 kuan1rong2 Tolerant
认可 ren4ke3 To accept; to approve
增多 zeng1duo1 To grow in number; to increase
现状 xian4zhuang4 The present situation
现象 xian4xiang4 Phenomenon
缺少 que1shao3 To lack; to be deficient in
教育 jiao4yu4 Education
后果 hou4guo3 Consequence
严重性 yan2zhong4xing4 Seriousness; gravity
认识 ren4shi2 Understanding
实际上 shi2ji4shang4 In reality
面临 mian4lin2 To face; to confront
未婚先孕 wei4hun1xian1yun4 To get pregnant before marriage
人工流产 ren2gong1liu2chan3 Induced abortion (v/n)
性病 xing4bing4 Venereal disease
威胁 wei1xie2 To threaten; threat
加强 jia1qiang2 To strengthen; to reinforce
Created by: zhangkailin
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