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Chapter 1, pg 2: What was Stuart’s bed made of? A cigarette box and clothespins
Chapter 1, pg 2: What was Stuart weighed on every morning by his mother? A letter weighing scale
Chapter 1, pg 3: Where did the Little family live? Near a park in New York City
Chapter 1, pg three : what was the name of Stuart’s elder brother? George
Chapter 1, page 4: what item did Stuart fetch from the sink? Mrs Little’s ring
Chapter 1, page 5: what liquid did Stuart use to wash himself? Mrs Little’s violet water
Chapter 2, page 6: what kind of balls did Stuart fetch from under the chairs, sofas and radiators? Ping-pong balls.
Chapter 2, page 7: what musical instrument’s key did Stuart help fix? George’s piano
Chapter 2, page 8: which song did Mrs Little tear from the nursery songbook? Three blind mice, see how they run.
Chapter 2, PG 10: what word did they use to substitute the word mouse from the Christmas Song? louse
chapter 3, PG 12: what exercise did Stuart do every morning? He touched his toe ten times
chapter 3, pg 14 : how did Stuart switch on the light of the bathroom? With the help of a string that his father had attached to it.
Chapter 3 page 16: how did Stuart turn the faucet on? With the help of a small and light hammer that his dad made for him.
Chapter 4 page 19: what was the name of the cat of the live with the Little family? Snowbell.
Chapter 4 page 20: where did Stuart get stuck when trying to show his acrobatic skills? He got rolled up in the shade of the window.
Chapter 4 page 21: where did Snowbell keep Stuart’s hat and cane? At the entrance of the mousehole in the pantry.
Chapter 5 page 22: what did George want to do to look for Stuart? He wanted to rip up the pantry floor.
Chapter 5 page 25: why did George pull down the shades? He thought that Stuart was dead and was paying respect to him by pulling the shades down. In the process they found Stuart.
Chapter 6 page 28: how did Stuart hide from the dogs? Stuart worked climb up the trousers of a doorman or roll himself up in a newspaper.
Chapter 6 pg 29: what kind of money did Stuart carry with him? he carried special coins that his dad had made for him.
Chapter 6 page 31: what kind of boat was Stuart interested in? schooner Wasp.
Chapter 6 page 33: what kind of boat was Lillian B. Womrath? a sloop.
Chapter 7 page 39: what was the name of the boy who was sailing the Lillian? LeRoy.
Chapter 7 page 39: where was the pond in Central Park located? 72nd street.
Chapter 7 page 40: what accident took place immediately after the race started? A big, heavy policemen fell down into the pond and caused quite a wave in the pond.
Chapter 7 page 46: what was the name of the person who had made schooner Wasp? Dr. Paul Carey, a surgeon dentist.
Chapter 8 page 48: how old was Stuart when he caught bronchitis? Stuart was seven years old.
Chapter 8 P. 49: how did Stuart catch bronchitis? Stuart had slipped into the refrigerator to find some cheese and his mother closed it without noticing him inside and opened it after 30 minutes to find him.
Chapter 8 page 50: how long did Stuart had to stay in bed due to bronchitis? Two weeks.
Chapter 8 page 51: what did Margalo look like? It was a little hen-bird, brown, with a streak of yellow on her breast.
Chapter 8 page 53: where was Margalo going to sleep in the night? The Boston fern, on the book shelf in the living room.
Chapter 8 page 54: why couldn't Stuart fall asleep? He was worried about Margalo. He feared that Snowbell would harm the bird.
Chapter 8 page 55: at what time did Snowbell show up in the living room? 10 o'clock in the night.
Chapter 8 page 54: what weapon did Stuart carry with them to the living room? Bow and arrow.
Chapter 8 page 55: which part of Snowbell's body did Stuart strike with his arrow to save Margalo? The left ear.
Chapter 9 page 58: where was Stuart headed to when he landed up in the garbage bin? He was going ice skating.
Chapter 9 page 59: why did Stuart hide in the garbage bin? He was hiding from a Irish Terrier.
Chapter 9 page 60: where did Stuart land up from the garbage bin? He ended up in a garbage truck.
Chapter 9 page 61: where did the truck finally stop? The East River, which borders New York City on the east.
Chapter 9 page 61: where did the truck dump its entire load? In a garbage scow.
Chapter 9 page 61: For how long was Stuart unconscious in the scow? One hour.
Chapter 9 page 62: where was the scow when Stuart woke up? The scow was headed to the Atlantic Ocean.
Chapter 9 page 63: who came to Stuart's rescue? Margalo.
Chapter 9 page 64: how did Margalo rescue Stuart? Margalo flew Stuart back to the shore while he held on to her legs.
Chapter 9 page 65: what did Stuart have to throw away so that it was easier for Margalo to carry him? His skates.
Chapter 9 page 67: what did Mrs Little present Margalo for rescuing Stuart? A tiny cake with seeds sprinkled on top.
Chapter 10 page 68: what kind of cat was Snowbell’s best friend in the neighborhood? an Angora
chapter 10 page 71:What plan did the Angora and Snowbell make? The Angora planned on eating Margalo the next night when the parents wouldn't be at home.
Chapter 10 page 70: who heard the conversation between the Angora and Snowbell? A pigeon.
Chapter 10 page 71: what did the pigeon do upon hearing the conversation? Pigeon wrote a note for Margalo said "beware of a strange cat will come by night" and placed it on the branch of the fern.
Chapter 10 page 71,72: What did Margalo do upon reading the note? she got very scared and flew away from the house towards North.
Chapter 10 page 71, 72: Why did Margalo fly in the northern direction? something inside her told her that north was the way for a bird to go when it was spring time.
Chapter 11 page 75: What memory of Mrs. Little did Stuart carry with him when he left the house to look for Margalo? Stuart pulled a strand of her hair from the comb and carried it with him.
Chapter 11, page 77: whom did Stuart plan to meet to seek help to find Margalo? Dr. Carey, the surgeon dentist.
Chapter 11, page 77: whose tooth was Dr. Carey pulling when Stuart came to his office? Edward Clydesdale.
Chapter 11 page 78: where did Mr. Clydesdale suggest Stuart to go look for Margalo? Central Park and Connecticut.
Chapter 11 page 79: what was special about the car that Dr. Carey gave Stuart? There was a special button in the car which make the car invisible.
Chapter 11 page 82: what happened when Stuart pressed the invisible button of the car? The car became invisible at once and started bumping into objects all over the room and created a mess. The car also got damaged in the process.
Chapter 12 page 85: where did Stuart go to purchase clothes for his long motor trip? W He went to a doll’s shop.
Chapter 12 page 87: whom did Stuart meet on the road? He met the superintendent of schools of the town.
Chapter 12 page 88: what was the superintendent's problem? He was looking for a substitute teacher and could not find any substitute teacher to help him.
Chapter 12 page 89: what did Stuart do to help him? He offered to be the substitute teacher for the day
Chapter 12 page 89: what was the name of the teacher that he was substituting? Miss Gunderson.
Chapter 12 page 92: what its word discus in class? They came up with rules that would apply if Stuart was the chairman of world.
Chapter 12 page 92: what was the number of the school where Stuart had to be the substitute teacher ? School number 7.
Chapter 13 page 102: What kind of drink did stop to get? sarsaparilla.
Chapter 13 page 105: with the shopkeeper suggest Stuart to meet? Harriet Ames.
Chapter 13 page 104: what was the name of the town where Stuart had stopped over? Ames’ Crossing
Chapter 13 page 108: where did Stuart see Harriet? At the post office.
Chapter 13 page 107: how tall was Harriet? 2 inches, her mailbox was half an inch.
Chapter 14 page 115-116: what did Stuart do after writing the letter to Harriet inviting her for a canoe ride? he bought a canoe and spent his entire day fixing it since it had a leak
Chapter 14, page 119: what time was Harriet supposed to arrive to meet Stuart? Five o clock in the evening.
Chapter 14, page 125: what had happened to the canoe when Harriet arrived? someone had played with it and totally broken it and ruined Stuart’s evening plans.
Chapter 15, page 126: How much gas did Stuart want from the gas station? 5 drops.
Chapter 15, page 127: whom did Stuart meet on his way? a telephone repair man.
Created by: akbasu
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