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Holes part 1

Chapters 1-28 vocab

Armpit? Theodore
Who bullied Stanley at school? Derrick Dunne
What country was Madame Zeroni from? Latvia
Clyde Livingston's nickname Sweet Feet
X-ray? Rex (Pig-latin)
Stanley? Caveman
Myra's two husband choices? Elya or Igor
Myra (last name) Menke
Magnet said the ______ hole is the hardest first
X-ray said the _________ hole was the hardest second
Fastest person at digging? Zero
Zero Hector Hector Zeroni
What color are the yellow spotted lizard's eyes? yellow the skin around them is red... If you got that close to actually see them you would die
How many spots does a yellow spotted lizard have? 11
How did Myra chose who to marry? Each man ha to pick a number from 1 to 10 and the closest would be her husband.
Why didn't Elya marry Myra? She was too STUPID.. 1;)
Eyes are what color? YELLOW....! :}
_______ asked Stanley what was in the box of stationery (the first time)and scowled at him ? Squid
Looking around at the game room and seeing how the boys reacted to him writing to his mother, Stanley thought of the boys at Camp Green Lake as: reckless and unloved
What was the only thing that got Stanley out of bed in the morning? the rising sun
Stanley thought the _________ hole was harder than the _________ hole. second, first
Stanley coped with the heat on the second day by wearing a cap to protect his hands and paced himself with his water intake. true
What did X-ray's real name mean? "too blind to find anything
At first, who did Stanley think was the biggest in the group? Armpit
Armpit, along with all of the other boys, would do anything X-Ray asked of them. true X-ray = ring leader!
After careful thought, who did Stanley realize was the biggest one out of all of them? himself
What did Stanley find whenever he got back to the camp? Mr. Pendanski and the other boys sitting in a circle on the ground discussing their futures
X-Ray gave Magnet a lot of valuable input on his interest of animals. He suggested that Magnet be a veterinarian. False The other boys gave Magnet some good input, and X-Ray laughed.
Mr. Pendanski told Stanley he was there because of one person. Stanley said that one person was himself, and he needs to take responsibility of his life. false Stanley said he was there because that one person was his "no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather
Zero never smiled. true
Created by: abbycorrao