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你好 2:第八课- 吃饭

Includes going out to eat, ordering food, table manners, and guest procedures.

光临 gracious presence (of guests) polite form)
菜单 menu
点菜 to order dishes from a menu
古老肉 sweet and sour pork
不错 pretty good, not bad
来。。。 。。。 to give (us/me) (used when ordering food)
plate, a measure word for dish
狮子头 dish of fried meatballs
to stir-fry
青菜 green vegetable
bowl, a measure word for rice of soup
酸辣汤 hot and sour soup
对了 by the way
1. to put 2. to let go
味精 MSG (monosodium glutamate)
没问题 no problems
米饭 plain rice, called 白饭 báifàn in Taiwan
还是 1. or 2. still
汽水 soft drink, soda, pop
客气 courteous
饭馆 restaurant (can also be called 餐馆 cānguǎn)
often (can also be said as 常常 chángcháng)
1. to go to 2. up, above
因为 because
所以 therefore
平常 usually
阿姨 used to address women of mother's age, mother's sister (in Southern regions)
to sit (sit down please- 请坐 qǐngzuò)
自己 self (to help oneself- 自己来 zìjǐlái)
don't, do not
麻婆豆腐 a hot and spicy bean curd dish
Created by: mma129