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NURS 572 - 74

Ch 74 bone mineralization drill

Side effect of calicium, Vit D products constipation
What class of drugs cause decreased absorption of Vit D and calcium products corticosteroids
Oral forms of calcium Calcium salts usually calcium carbonate which has highest percentage of calcium, cheapest
Other forms of calcium salts - Ca chloride, gluconate, glucepate, lactate, acetate, citrate
What is the oral form of calcium calcium glubionate
What is the inactive form of Vitamin D cholecalciferol
Which activated Vitamin D is given po or injection calcitriol
Which activated Vitamin D is given po only and synthetic doxercalciferol
Which activated Vitamin D is given injection only and is synthetic paricalcitol
What is the MOA of bisphosphonates very poor bioavailability into bone where it decreases osteoclast activity
Name 3 bisphosphonates alendronate, risedronate, ibandronate
Which bisphosphonates are given either daily or weekly alendronate, risendronate
Which bisphosphonate is given either daily or monthly ibandronate
What SERM is commonly used for osteoporosis and may also protect against estrogen-receptor-positive breast cancer raloxifine
What is the MOA of calcitonin major role to inhibit osteoclasts--> decreased bone resorption
What is calcitonin used for only drug to TREAT (not prevent) osteoporosis
What is an unusual ADR for some calcitonin long-term patients they can develop antibodies to this product
What is the only drug to increase bone formation teriparatide
How does teriparatide increase bone formation it is a recombinant form of PTH. It increases osteoblast activity > osteoclast activity with net effect of increased bone formation
What drug is a calcimemetic cinacalet
What is cinacalcet's MOA increases sensitivity of calcium sensing cells in the parathyroid --> negative feedback to decrease PTH secretion at lower levels of Calcium than usual
what is cinacalcet given for hypercalcemia (keeps calcium on the bone by increasing PTH receptor sensitivity)
Created by: lorrelaws