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NUR 105-chpt 7

Patient Education and Drug Therapy

Subjective & Objective data to be collected for assessment related to patient education and drug therapy. adaptation to illness barriers to learning cognitive ablility coping mechanisms cultural history cognitive/mental processing ability education recieved emotional status envrmt at home/work folk med,home remedies,alt therapy fam relations financ
In Erikson's stages of development, which stage is listed: Infancy (birth-1 year)- infant learns to trust him/herself, others, and the environment, learns to love and be loved. Trust versus mistrust
In Erikson's stages of development, which stage is listed: Toddlerhood (1-3yrs) Toddler learns independence; learns to master the physical enviornment and maintain self esteem. Autonomy versus shame and doubt
In Erikson's stages of development, which stage is listed: Preeschool age (3-6yrs) Preschooler learns basic problem solving; develops conscience and sexual identity; initiates activities as well as imitates. Initiative versus guilt
In Erikson's stages of development, which stage is listed: School age(6-12 yrs) School-aged child learns to do things well; develops a sense of self worth. Industry versus inferiority
In Erikson's stages of development, which stage is listed: Adolescence (12-18yrs) Adolescent integrates mamy roles into self-identity through imitation of role models and peer pressure Identity versus role confusion
In Erikson's stages of development, which stage is listed: Young Adult (18-45yrs) Yound adult establishes deep and lasting relationships; learns to make commitment as a spouse, parent, and/or partner. Intimacy versus isolation
In Erikson's stages of development, which stage is listed: Middle adulthood (45-65 yrs) Adult learns commitment to the community and world; is productive in career, family, and civic interests. Generativity versus stagnation
In Erikson's stages of development, which stage is listed: Older adulthood (over 65yrs) Older adult appreciates life role and status; deals with loss and prepares for death Integrity versus despair
The following is a list of what? deficient knowledge ineffective health maintenence ineffective self health management risk for injury impaired memory noncompliance NANDA approved nursing diagnoses related to patient education and drug therapy
What is the rationale? reason or basis for need or for teaching (ex: why does this need to be taught)
Once learning need has been identified, goals and outcome criteria should be established. The patient or caregiver should be included. What phase is this? Planning
Give an example of a goal in planning. Before hospital discharge, patient will understand safe administration of insulin.
Give an example of outcome criteria. Patient will draw up appropriate amount of insulin three times before hospital discharge.
Teaching-learning sessions, age-related changes, language barriers, materials written below 8th grade level, safe administration of medications at home are all examples of what part of the nursing process? Implementation
What are the three domains of learning? Cognitive Domain, Affective Domain, & Psychomotor Domain
What is cognitive domain? thinking portion of the learning process.
What is affective domain? feeling portion of learning process. May involve perspectives that should be assessed and understood.
What is psychomotor domain? physical "doing"
What is discharge teaching? nurses responsibility to make sure that patients are able to follow through with the teaching & find solutions if there are barriers.
Give some examples of what teaching and learning sessions should consist of. Individualize, have several return demonstration, start in early, provide positive reinforcement 4 accurate return demonstration of procedure, medication dispensers, complete a medication calendar, audio/visual aid, include family/significant others
What occurs in the evaluation stage? validated learning. -ask questions -return demonstration -adhere to schedule -occurrence of few or no complications
A 47 yr old pt with diabetes is being d/c to home and must tak insulin injections 2xday. what does the nurse keep in mind when considering pt teaching? A)Teaching should begin at time of dx or admission & individualized to pt's reading level B) A thorough/comprehensive teaching plan designed for an 11th grade reading level should be developed C)majority of teaching can be done with pamplets
The nurse is developing a d/c plan regarding a pt's medication the plan should..... A)be developed just before pt leaves hospital B)be developed only after pt is comfortable or pain meds administered C)include video tapes, demos, instuctions written at 5th grade level D)be individualized and based on pts cognitive level
The nurse is responsible for preoperative teaching for a pt who is mildly anxious about receiving opioids postoperatively. The nurse recognizes that this level of anxiety may... A)impede learning bc anxiety is always a barrier to learning B)lead to major emotional unsteadiness C)result in learning by increasing the pts wilingness to learn D)reorganize the pts thoughts and lead to inadequate potential for learning. (
What action by the nurse is the best way to assess a pt's learning needs? begin with validation of the pt's present level of knowledge
Which technique would be most appropriate to use when the nurse is teaching a pt with a potential language barrier? obtain an interpreter who can speak in the pts language (a)
A nursing student is identifying situations that involve the psychomotor domain of learning as part of a class project. Which are examples of learning activities that involve psychomotor domain. teaching a pt how to self administer eyedrops, teaching a family member how to give injection, teach pt how to measure pulse before taking beta blocker
Classification of drugs commonly used as OTC remedies include which of the following: A) nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs B)cold remedies C)antibiotics D)smoking detterent systems E)topical antiviral ointments F)histamine -2(H2) blockers (a,b,d,f)
Advantages of OTC remedies include which of the following: A) third party health insurance payers usually cover costs B) patients can feel better faster when self medicating C)there are fewer drug interactions D) patients can self treat minor ailments and reduce physician visits (d)
In the US the FDA does which of the following regarding the manufacture of herbal products? A) enforce standards of herbal product quality and safety B) require manufacturers of herbal products to prove efficacy C) sets standards for quality control D) defines herbal products as dietary supplements (d)
Tachyphylaxis may develop in patients who use which of the following herbal products? A) Aloe B) Echinacea C) feverfew D) Kava (b)
The nurse is admitting a pt who has a dx of right lower lobe pneumonia. upon assessment the nurse learns that the pt is wearing an herbal pack on her chest. what should nurse do first? A) remove pack immediately B)report pack to physcian C)ask pt about herbal pack D)document presence of herbal pack (c)
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