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你好 2:第六课- 买东西

Includes prices/costs, transactions, sizes, and fruits.

商店 shop
a measure word for books, magazines, etc.
多少 how much, how many
unit for dollar, formally called 元 (yuán)
字典 dictionary
10 cents, formally called 角 (jiǎo)
地图 map
一共 all together
市场 market
水果 fruit
香蕉 banana
怎么 how, what
to sell
a unit of weight (=0.5 kilograms) (kilogram 公斤 gōngjīn)
草莓 strawberry
龙眼 longan
荔枝 lychee
菠萝 pineapple, also called 凤梨 fènglí
西瓜 watermelon
葡萄 grapes
非常 extremely
橘子 mandarin, tangerine
橙子 orange
苹果 apple
to want, would like
服装店 clothes shop
expensive, dear
一点儿 a little (can be shortened as 点儿)
还是 still
even, even more
大号 large size
中号 medium size
小号 small size
to give
to give change
you (polite form)
one cent
便宜 cheap, inexpensive
Created by: mma129