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你好 2: 第四课- 我的衣服

Includes clothing, colors, and descriptions for outfits.

衣服 clothes
穿 to wear
先生 Mr.;(in Taiwan) husband
西装 suit, Western-style attire
太太 Mrs.;(in Taiwan) wife
连衣裙 woman's dress, called 佯装 in Taiwan
衬衫 shirt
裤子 pants
小姐 miss; young lady
旗袍 a close-fitting dress with a high neck and slit skirt,traditional Chinese dress
T恤衫 T-shirt
棉袄 cotton-padded coat
毛衣 sweater
裙子 skirt
外套 coat
怎么样 how about, what about
measure word for clothing
too, excessively
measure word for trousers, shorts, skirts, etc.
loose-fitting clothing
tight-fitting clothing
起来 indicates impressions
舒服 comfortable
漂亮 pretty
百货商店 department store
打折 discount
to buy
much, many
红色 red
橙色 orange
黄色 yellow
绿色 green
蓝色 blue
紫色 purple
粉红色 pink
黑色 black
白色 white
灰色 gray
咖啡色 brown
好看 good-looking
时髦 fashion, fashionable
女士 Ms。
Created by: mma129
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