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Accelerations Temp increase in FHR
Baseline Average FHR of 10min rounded to 5bpm 110-160 normal
Baseline Variability Absent Minimal 5bpm Moderate 25bpm Marked25+bpm
Decelerations TEMP decrease in FHR Early Late Variable
Early Deceleration Before uterine contraction skull is pressed against pelvis
Electronic Fetal Monitoring (EFM) Continuous tracing of FHR and Contractions
Fetal Blood Sampling If in Fetal distress or Merconium get labs pH 7.25 Apgar <7
Fetal Bradycardia FHR less than110 in 10 min
Fetal Tachycardia FHR greater than 160bpm for 10 min
Intrauterine Pressure Catheter EFM and accurate Uterine Contraction strength and Actual pressure
Late Decelerations UterinePlacental insufficiency decreased blood flow or Oxygen
Leopold’s Maneuvers 4 maneuvers to determining fetal position
Variable Decelerations Umbilical cord compressed Fetal HTN increased FHR
Sinusoidal Pattern Rh allimmunization HYPOXIA a smooth wavelike very little variability EMERGENCY
Scalp stimulation Test if not in stress FHR increase Can also use Vibroacoustic stimulator on abd
Created by: scubamc1803