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AROM Artificial rupture of membranes
Bloody Show mucus plug out pink secretions
Breech buttock or feet are presenting
Cardinal movements Descent Flexion Internal rotation Extension Restitution External rotation Expulsion
Crowning fetal head is encircled by the external opening of the vagina
Duration beginning to the end of a contraction
Effacement the pulling on cervical OS thinning
Fetal Attitude relationship of fetal body parts arms legs flexed head flexed forward
Fetal Lie cephalocaudal axis (spine) of fetus to that of mother longitudinal or transverse
Fetal Position 3 letter notation describe fetal landmark to mom RL side of mom pelvis Fetal presenting partOMSA &which side of pelvisAPT
Fetal Presentation depending on Lie and what part presents in pelvic passage
Cephalic Presentations Vertex Military Brow Face
Fontanelles Anterior Posterior
Frequency time between beginning of one contraction to the beginning of the next
Intensity strength of contraction mild moderate strong
Lightening fetus moves into pelvic inlet engagement breathing becomes much easier
Malpresentations Breech and Shoulder presentations
Molding overlapping of cranial bones
Presenting Part 1st part of fetus to enter birth canal
SROM Spontaneous rupture of Membranes
Station Position of presenting part in pelvis 0 is at ischial spine Above Negative further in Below Positive closer
Sutures cranial bone joints
4 Classical Pelvis Gynecoid Android Anthropoid Platypelloid
False Labor Contractions irregular WO change in duration or intensity discomfort in abdomen no change W walking No change in cervix
True Labor Contractions regular interval shorten increase duration and intensity discomfort in back moving to abdomen pain increase walking cervix dilates and effacement
Stages of labor 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
1st stage labor latent active transition phases
2nd stage labor cervical dilation and crowning Spontaneous birth
3rd stage labor Placental Separation and delivery
4th Stage labor 1-4 hrs250-500ml blood loss slight drop in BP Chills
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