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ch 3 integumentary

surgical procedures and pharmacology

cauterization destruction of tissue by caustic chemicals, electric currents, heat, or freezing
cryosurgery use of extreme cold to freeze and destroy tissue
curettage removal of superficial skin lesions with curette (surgical instrument shaped like a spoon)
debridement removal of foreign material and dead or damaged tissue from wound
electrocautery destruction of tissue with electric current incision and drainage (I&D) incision to create an opening for drainage of material such as pus
chemabrasion abrasion using chemicals; also called chemical peel
dermabrasion abrasion using wire brushes or sandpaper; performed to remove acne scars, tattoos, and scar tissue
laser therapy removal of skin lesions and birthmarks using laser beam; laser converts light into narrow, powerful beam
liposuction removal of fat beneath skin by suction
anesthetics decreases pain
antibiotics kills bacteria
antifungals kills fungi infections
antiparasitics kills parasites
antipruritic reduces severe itching
antiseptics kills bateria and viruses on a surface
anti-viral helps fight viruses
corticosteroid powerful anti-inflammatory
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