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ch3 integumentary

surface tension

cyst fluid-filled sac under skin
fissure crack-like lesion or groove on skin
laceration torn or jagged wound; harden to suture
macule flat, discolored area flush with skin surface. e.g. freckle
nodule firm, solid mass of cells in skin larger than .5cm in diameter
papule small, solid, circular raised spot on surface of skin less than .5cm in diameter
pustule raised spot on skin containing pus
ulcer open sore or lesion in skin or mucus membrane
vesicle blister; small, fluid-filled raised spot on skin
wheal small, round, swollen area on skin; typically seen in allergic skin reactions such as hives; usually accompanied by urticaria
abrasion a scraping away of the skin surface by friction
abscess collection of pus in skin
acne inflammatory disease of sebaceous glands and hair follicles; results in papules & pustules
albinism genetic condition in which body makes no melanin; white hair and skin, and red pupils; person with albinism is an albino
basal cell carcinoma cancerous tumor of basal cell layer of epidermis
burn damage to skin from exposure to open fire, electricity, UV light, or caustic chemicals
cellulitis diffuse, acute infection and inflammation of CT of skin
contusion injury caused by a blow to the body; causes swelling, pain and bruising. The skin is not broken
cyanosis bluish tint to the skin caused by deoxygenated blood
decubitus ulcer open sore caused by pressure over bony prominences cutting off blood flow to overlying skin; aka: pressure sore
diaphoresis profuse sweating
ecchymosis skin discoloration caused by blood collecting under the skin following blunt trauma
eczema superficial dermatitis of unknown cases; redness, vesicles, itching, and crusting
eschar a thick layer of dead tissue and tissue fluid that develops over a deep wound
gangrene tissue necrosis usually due to deficient blood supply
hirsutism excessive hair growth over the body
ichthyosis skin becomes dry, scaly, and keratinized
keloid formation of a raised and thickened hypertrophic scar
maglignant melanoma dangerous form of skin cancer; uncontrolled growth of melanocytes; quickly metastasizes to internal organs
pruritus severe itch
psoriasis chronic inflammatory condition; papules forming “silvery scale” patches with circular borders
purpura hemorrhages into the skin due to fragile blood vessels
purulent containing pus or an infection that is producing pus
rubella contagious viral skin infection; commonly called German measles
sebaceous cyst sac under the skin filled with sebum; can grow to large size and may need to be excised
squamous cell carcinoma cancer of epidermis layer of skin that may invade deeper tissue and metastasize; often begins as a sore that does not heal
systematic lupus erythematosus chronic disease of the connective tissue that injures skin, joints, kidneys, nervous system, and mucous membranes; characteristic red, scaly butterfly rash across the cheeks and nose
urticaria hives; skin eruption of pale reddish wheals with severe itching.
varicella contagious viral skin infection; commonly called chickenpox
vitiligo disappearance of pigment from skin; milk white patches; also called leukoderma
alopecia absence or loss of hair, especially of head; commonly called baldness
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