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what has the most penetrating power gamma rays
what has the least penetrating power alpha particles
what is a half life the amount of time it takes for half of a radioactive substance to decay
what hapens in beta decay neutrons breakdown into positrons and elctrons
name one use of nuclear engery. nuclear medcine to treat cancer
what are one of the dangers of nuclear energy radiation sickess
who discovered nuclear energy henri Becquerel
what is nuclear fission process in which a large nucleus splits into two smaller nuclei and releases neutrons
example of a controlled nuclear chain reaction nuclear reactor
example of an uncontrolled nuclear chain reaction nuclear bomb
what are some advantages of nuclear fission less polution and enegery production money is less
what are sone disadvantages of nuclear fission accidents,nuclear waste and $$$
when is nuclear fussion possible high temperatures and high pressure
what notable thing is powered by nuclear fussion the sun
what is nuclear fusion when 2 small nuclei combine to form 1 big nucleus
what some advantages of nuclear fusion Produces less waste, less accident prone, plenty of material for fusion
what are some disadvantages of nuclear fusion Requires high temperatures and pressure Uses more energy than it produces
What is plasma State of matter in which electrons are removed from atoms
Created by: td4ever1