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Unit 2 Meds

Renal Drugs

Erythropoientin stimulates RBC production, natural replacement; subcut injection given with dialysis; will not see immediate results: 2-3 weeks
Aranesp Longer acting erythropoientin; not given as frequently; depends on Hgb level
Venofer Iron supplement for chronic kidney disease; given IV, watch for hypotension; given with or without erythropoieten
Ferrlecit iron supplement for chronic kidney disease; given IV, must be given with erythropoieten**MUST give "test dose" 25mg IVPB over 1h. If ok, give full dose, 125mg, IVPB over 15-30 min
Ringer's Solution isotonic; contains electrolytes, no calories
Lactated Ringers isotonic; contain bi carbonate, no free water, no calories, replaces vascular fluid
Albumin blood product; protein,often give during dialysis; not used as nutrition supplement; given to pull fluid back into vascular space; helps maintain bp
Potassium Chloride Helps treat hypokalemia; Never given IVP, subcut or IM. PO or IV. Hard on stomach. Peripheral IV=10 mEq/h; central line=20 mEq/h
ibuprofen anti-inflammatory/anti-pyretic,1st choice for fever, NSAID, lower risk of bleeding, can cause GI upset
Aspirin anti-inflammatory/anti-pyretic, can cause bleeding, GI upset, NSAID, watch for renal impairment, tinnitus--sign of toxicity; not a blood thinner, decreases platelet aggregation
Acetaminophen analgesic/anti-pyretic, does not cause bleeding, does not decrease platelet aggregation, not an anti-inflammatory; hepotoxic
Vitamin B co-enzyme for carbohydrate metabolism
Vitamin C assists in synthesis of collagen in new capillaries
Vitamin A accelerates new tissue growth (wound healing)
Vitamin D plays critical role regulating metabolism of calcium & phosphorous
Bactrim (TMP/SMX) antibiotic for uti; contains sulfa, inhibit synthesis of folic acid, may cause photo sensitivity**report rash immediately, Steven Johnson's Syndrome
Macrodantin urinary antiseptic, activation by enzymes in uti bacteria; therapeutic levels only reached in urine; may cause GI upset, take w/meals; avoid sunlight**may cause Acute Alveolar Infiltrate** chest pain, crackles in lungs
Macrobid long-acting macrodantin--urinary antiseptic, activation by enzymes in uti bacteria; therapeutic levels only reached in urine; may cause GI upset, take w/meals; avoid sunlight**may cause Acute Alveolar Infiltrate** chest pain, crackles in lungs
Cipro fluoroquinolone; active against broad-spectrum of bacterial pathogens; used to treat uti; watch for yeast infection mouth or vaginal; use caution in elderly, may cause confusion or psychosis; avoid sunlight; do not give with dairy or iron
Flagyl antifungal; treats protozoal infections; may be given IV or PO;treats c-diff (PO only); may leave metallic taste in mouth; harmless darkening of urine; need to avoid ETOH
Mycelex topical or PO antifungal; treats yeast infection
Mycostatin powder or swish & spit antifungal; for candidiasis of skin or mouth;
Diflucan antifungal; used to treat yeast infection, thrush, candidiasis; PO
Pyridium urinary analgesic, helps alleviate symptoms of uti, decreases irritability; turns urine reddish/orange color; long term use may cause anemia
adriamycin for invasive bladder cancer; suppresses bone marrow, cardio toxic**only given through central line** red color to urine & sweat
Platinol used for invasive bladder cancer;can cause kidney failure; pre-med w/zofran, nausea/vomit w/in first hour; ototoxic; mild bone marrow suppressor
Methotrexate chemo agent--bladder & renal cancer; immunosuppressant; hepatic & renal damage
5FU inhibits DNA synthesis; given IV; bone marrow suppression, neutropenia, stomatitis, alopecia
FUDR inhibits DNA synthesis; bone marrow suppression; neutropenia, stomatitis, alopecia
Gemzar inhibits DNA synthesis; bone marrow suppression; nausea, vomiting, alopecia; can have infusion reaction--hypotenion, flushing--decrease rate of infusion
BCG live TB vaccine, used directly in bladder--causes local inflammation response which shrinks tumor; dysuria, hematuria, urgency CONTRAINDICATIONS: immunosuppressed or active uti
ditropan/detrol anti-cholenergic; treats urge incontinence;
Bentyl similar to muscle relaxant, reduces OAB contraction in urge incontinence; muscineric antagonist
flomax for prostate; alpha adrenergic blocker; reduces urethral sphincter resistance; used in men with BPH to increase urine flow; sphincter dilator; works within 2 weeks
Proscar used to treat bph; used to decrease prostate size; 5 alpha reductase inhibitor; several months for noticeable effects
premarin used to increase host defenses against uti; local/topical application
enablex anti-cholenergic; muscerinic antagonist; used for OAB; avoid with liver failure
Urecholine used for urinary retention; relaxes muscles & increases voiding pressure
Vesicare anti-cholenergic; used for OAB, urge incontinence; avoid w/liver failure
kayexalate used for hyperkalemia; PO or retention enema; gives Na, pulls out K, creates diarrhea; will cause Na & water retention, be alerts with CHF pts & cardiac pts.
Calcium gluconate protects heart from K; given IVP or IVPB; 10mL amp to prevent arrhythmias; given quickly will increase bp
sodium bicarbonate temp puts K back into cells; given in large vein, IVP, thick & hard to push, caustic to vein; 50-100mL
Insulin &D50 treats hyperkalemia; push D50 first, insulin helps push K back into cells
mucomyst kidney protector for IV dye given w/CT contrast
renagel Ca free phosphate binder; binds to bile salts, reduces cholesterol; expensive; given to cardiac pts
phoslo Ca phosphate binder; give to pts without cardiac issues; inexpensive
sensipar regulates Ca; works in parathyroid gland; prevents hyperparathyroidism in ESRD; only used on dialysis pts
Rocaltrol active form of vitamin D; can be given in addition to phoslo or renagel; given if pt has decreased Ca level
fosrenol Ca free phosphate binder; expensive; give to pts with cardiac issues
mag ox replaces Mg; used for constipation
Pro Amatine given to increase bp during hemodialysis
Lasix loop diuretic; excretes K
Bumex loop diuretic; excretes K
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