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Ch16: Marketing

Chapter 16: Using Math in Sales

written record of a sales transaction, includes date, items purchased, prices, sales tax, total due sales check
removing stock and keeping it in a separate storage area until the customer pays for it layaway
agreement permitting a customer to take merchandise home for further consideration on-approval sale
customer pays for merchandise at time of delivery cash-on-delivery sale
cash-on-delivery COD
percentage fee placed by the government on the sale of goods and services sales tax
partial return of the sale price for merchandise the customer has kept allowance
move from one place to another transfer
a particular space, region, or section area
a combination bar code and number used to identify a product and manufacturer Universal Product Code
Universal Product Code UPC
combines a cash register with a computer making the information captured at the time of sale available for other applications point-of-sale system
Point-Of-Sale POS
cash drawer of a register till
coins and currency designated for a register for the day's business opening cash fund
to convert a system of self operating machines automate
To focus all one's thoughts or efforts on. concentrate
legal contract between the buyer and supplier purchase order
purchase order PO
itemized list of goods that includes prices, terms of sale, total, taxes, fees, and amount due invoice
final delivery arrangement made between buyer and seller terms for delivery
free on board FOB
title and ownership of goods stays with the seller until they reach their destination; seller pays for shipping FOB Destination
makes the buyer responsible for shipping and any damages during transit; buyer owns it when it leaves the seller FOB Shipping Point
seller pays for shipping but buyer owns goods while in transit FOB Factory Freight Prepaid
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