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Digital Audio 120

Protools 101

Name and describe five types of production tasks that Pro Tools can be used for.
What types of hardware is standard Pro Tools 9 software compatible with? Can the software be run without a connected hardware interface?
What is the frequency range of human hearing?
What does the frequency of a sound wave affect in terms of how we perceive the sound? How is frequency measured?
What does the amplitude of the sound wave affect? How is amplitude measured?
What term is used to describe the process of translating an audio signal into binary data that a computer can manipulate?
What kinds of commands can be found under the Pro Tools View menu? How does the View menu differ from the Window menu? (See page 34.) View changes how elements within a window tile can be view menu.
Which main Pro Tools window displays audio waveforms and can be used to work directly with audio, MIDI, and video files on tracks? (See page 36.) EDIT menu
Which Pro Tools window provides access to pan controls and Volume Faders for each track? Can Volume Faders be used to set the input gain for recording? (See page 16.) View – I/O Menu Input gain cannot be adjusted while recording, however will adjust the input volume
What are the six Edit Tools and what does each one do? Which ones are included in the Smart Tool? (see pages 47-49) grabber, scrubber, waveform selector, zoom, pencil, trimmer
What are the names of the four Pro Tools Edit modes? What kinds of operations do the Edit modes affect? slip, grid, shuffle, spot SLIP: allows user to move waveform freely GRID: snaps to grid beat SHUFFLE: snaps to bar SPOT: places at specific bar or beat by entering time code location
Which Pro Tools windows provide access to MIDI controls, such as Wait for Note, Metronome, and MIDI Merge? access in transport or edit window
What audio file types are supported in Pro Tools? What is the default file type? aiff and wav/BWF
What is the maximum sample rate supported in Pro Tools? What is the maximum bit depth? 24 bit
What command lets you add tracks to your session? How many tracks can you add at one time? track-new OR shift+CMND+N
What is the Playback Cursor Locator used for used to move playback cursor where needed
Where will the Playback Cursor Locator appear (in what Ruler)? when clicked, cursor flag takes you back to cursor playback point-hot keys-select region, then left or right arrow keys
What is the purpose of the Save As command? Which session will be open after completing the Save As command, the original or the renamed copy? Saves the project in different location WITHOUT associated audio. SAVE AS COPY saves the project folder in different location with associated audio files. SAVE AS leaves original open while SAVE AS COPY closes original and opens copy.
How can you monitor the storage space available on your system to determine the amount of record time remaining for each mounted hard drive? WINDOW-disk space
How can you create a click track for a session? What kind of track is used for a click track? How is the metronome click created during playback? TRACK-click track
What selector can you use to route a signal from an input on your interface to a track for recording? Where is this selector located? Input path selector in I/O section
How do track names affect the default names of the audio files you record in Pro Tools? Any region recorded to track takes name of track added with _(#)
Describe two ways to rename an audio file after recording into Pro Tools? Double click with edit tool on region OR right click on region in playlist or region list and select rename
How would you go about removing unwanted audio from the Region List without deleting the files from disk? Region list-select unused and delete.
What audio file formats can be imported to Pro Tools without requiring conversion? What conditions would cause files in these formats to require conversion on import? WAV file and AIFF
What two stereo file configuration formats are common on Mac and Windows systems? split stereo or stereo interleaved
What happens when you import audio that doesn’t match your session’s sample rate and/or bit depth using the Workspace browser? Protools converts the sample rate of file to match the session
What happens when you import audio files that match your session sample rate and bit depth using the Workspace browser? Are the files automatically added to the session’s Audio Files folder? Audio imported from other folders is referenced from previous folder but does NOT copy the file and add it to the session folder unless the sample rate or bit depth is changed from previous session folder.
What happens when you import audio from a CD into a 48kHz Pro Tools session? Explain. Pro Tools converts audio to match session rate and bit depth.
How would you go about importing a QuickTime movie file to Pro Tools while simultaneously importing the audio embedded in the file? SETUP-Preference-Processing
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