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Nur 100 Exam 1

CCCC Nur 100 Pharm Calc

How manl mL in a quart? 946 mL! (not 1000ml)
How many micrograms in a gram? 1,000,000 micrograms in 1 gram
What is wrong with the following abbreviation? .8 mg There is no zero! Correct answer (0.8mg)
What is wrong with the following abbreviation? 0.090 mcg Extra zero! Correct answer (0.09 mcg)
How many milligrams in a g? 1000 mg = 1g
How many quarts in a gallon? 4qt = 1 gallon
How many mcg in a mg? 1000mcg = 1mg
How many mL in a L? 1000mL = 1L
How many mL in an ounce? 30mL = 1 oz
How many pounds in a kilogram? 2.2 lbs = 1 kg
How many grams in a kilogram? 1000g = 1kg
How many grains in a milligram? 1gr = 65mg
How many mL in a teaspoon? 5mL = 1t
Hw many mL in a tablespoon? 15mL = 1 T
ad lib as tolerated, whenever
stat immediately
gtt drops
ID intradermal
hs hours of sleep
gr grains (65mg = 1 gr)
intramuscular IM
two times a day biD
as needed prn
intravenous IV
before meals ac
four times a day qiD
with "c" with a line on it
without "s" with a line on it
after meals pc
ointment ung
every day daily or qD
nothing by mouth NPO
normal saline NS
cap capsule
What is the medication order? -Drug -Dose (how much mg) -Route (how taken) -Frequency (how often) -Time (when)
What are the 8 rights of medicine administration? (First 4) 1. Right patient 2. Right Drug 3. Right Dose 4. Right Frequency
What are the 8 rights of medicine administration? (Last 4) 4. Right Time 6. Right to know 7. Right to refuse treatment 8. Right Documentation
Nurses' 6 rights for safe med administration. (First 3) 1. Complete, clearly written orders 2. Correct drug, route, and dose dispensed 3. Access to accurate drug information
Nurses' 6 rights for safe med administration. (Last 3) 4. Know your administrative medication policies 5. Administer meds safely and identify system problems 6. Stop, think and be vigilant when administering meds
What are the 3 items you need for DA conversion? 1. How you want the answer (units) 2. Conversion Factor 3. Given Quantity
Set up an example of DA conversion ORDER: Achromycin V 1.5 g po daily LABEL: 500mg per cap DA EQUATION: ?caps/dose = 1cap/500mg * 1000/mg * 1.5g/dose =3 caps/day
Marked lines on syringe that indicate capacity are called? calibrations
injectable medications are given through what route? parenteral
what are the parenteral routes? intradermal, subcutaneuos, intramuscualr
size of needle diameter is? gauge
relationship between gauge and diameter? higher the gauge = lower the diameter
what are the insulin unit calibrations? 100units, 50units, 30units
critera for selecting needle size 1) med viscosity 2) med route 3) pt size 4) skin condition
parts of the syringe? tip, barrel, plunger
5 rights of safe medicine administration? right patient, drug, dose, route, time
when should you question the amount of tabs or caps? when it is greater than 3! too much??
what are he 3 basic units or measurement in the metric system? meter, gram, liters
what metric units or measurement are used for liquids? weight? mL & Liters, weight kg
how many drops per mL? 60 gtt = 1 mL
units of flow rate calculations for gravity tubing? or EID (electronic infusion device)? gravity tubing = gtt/min, EID = mL/hr
pump or EID is always what units? mL/hr
when it comes to kids or children what units do you round too?? hundreth!!!
3 required elements of DA? 1) desired answer units 2) conversion factors 3) given quantity
how many cups in a pint? 2 cups = 1 pt
how many pints in a quart? 2 pints = 1 quart
what is displacement? the volume after reconstitution exceeds the amount of liquid diluent added
2 piece of information required from order and label must be entered into every does calculation 1) unit concentration supplied 2) dose ordered by prescriber (supply & order)
one of the most important safety nets a nurse can use for catching major calculation errors is? estimating answers
how many ounces in a pound? 16oz = 1lb
what is unique about drops? round to the nearest whole
what is a bolus? fluids or concentrated medication given by IV route over brief period of time
what is unique about heparin problems? no matter what (even if zero 36.0) use the tenth
relationship of glucagon and insulin glucago raises, insulin lowers blood glucose
hyperglycemia vs hypoglycemia hyper = too much, hypo = too little blood sugar
trade name vs generic generic = actual drug, trade = company name
what is DF? drip factor is per ml 20DF = 20drops/ml
Created by: rolandowallace