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Latin Vocab chp 9-17

Latin Vocabulary words from Disce! An Introductory Latin Course

anīquus, -a, um old, ancient
cōgitō think
constō, constāre, constitī, constātum to cost
figūra, -ae (f) shape, figure
hīc here, in this place
inspiciō, inspicere, inspexī, inspectum look closely at
ōvum, -ī (n) egg
parvus, -a, um small
praestō, prāestare, praestitī, praestātum be superior to, surpass
prōcēdō, prōcēdere, prōcessī, prōcessum to proceed
quam than
quantus, -a, -um how much
quattuor four
quinque five
rogō ask (for)
sex six
spectō look at
super over
timeō, timēre, timuī fear, be afraid
adveniō, advenīre, advēnī, adventum arrive at, come to
appropinquō (+dat) approach, come near to
cūr why
dea, -ae (f) goddess
Ecce! Look!, Behold!
fortasse perhaps
longē far off, far, a long distance
noscō, noscere, nōvī, nōtum know, get to know
Rōma, -ae (f) Rome
Rōmānus, -a, -um Roman
saccus, -ī (m) wallet, sack, bag, pocketbook
saliō, salīre, saliī/saluī, saltum leap, jump
sīc thus, in this way, yes
subitō suddenly
tam so, so much (as)
tollō, tollere, sustulī, sublātum lift, raise
valdē, very, a lot
verbum, -ī (n) word
annus, -ī (m) year
cēna, -ae (f) dinner
cēnō dine
cubiculum, -ī (n) bedroom
decem ten
dormiō, dormīre, dormīvī/dormiī, dormītum to sleep
duodecim twelve
fugiō, fugere, fūgī, fugitum to flee
habitō live in, inhabit
nātus, -a, um born
necesse est (+inf) it is necessary to
noceō, nocēre, nocuī, nocitum harm, do injury to
octō eight
oportet, oportuit one ought, it is necessary or proper to
parcō, parcere, perpercī/parsī/parcuī, parsūrus to spare, to pardon, to show mercy to
parō prepare, make ready
placet, placēre, placuit, placitum (+dat) please, be pleasing to
placet (+inf) it is pleasing to
pugnō fight
studeō, studēre, studuī (+dat) to devote oneself to, be eager for
vīgintī twenty
vincō, vincere, vīcī, victum to conquer
amīca, -ae (f) friend, girlfriend
amō love
cārus, -a, -um dear, expensive
cūrō care for
frāter, frātris (m) brother
homō, hominis (m/f) person, human being, man
iēiūnus, -a, -um hungry
intellegō, intellegere, intellexī, intellectum to understand
māter, mātris (f) mother
nēmō, nēminis (m/f) nobody
ōs, ōris (n) mouth, face
pater, patris (m) father
pulcher, pulchra, pulchrum pretty, handsome
quam! how!
soror, sorōris (f) sister
taceō, tacēre, tacuī, tacitum be quiet, be silent
tempus, temporis (n) time, season
vīta, -ae (f) life
ager, agrī (m) field
brācchium, -iī (n) arm
deus, -ī (m) god
fīnis, fīnis (m) end, (pl) country, territory
futūrum, -ī (n) future
hostis, hostis (m/f) stranger, foreigner, enemy, (pl) the enemy
infans, infantis (m/f) infant
interficiō, interficere, interfēcī, interfectum to kill
inveniō, invenīre, invēnī, inventum to find, to discover
liber, librī (m) book
līber, lībera, līberum free
mare, maris (n) sea
mensis, mensis (m) month
narrō say, tell
nox, noxtis (f) night
poēta, -ae (m) poet
quiescō, quiescere quiēvī, quiētum to rest
rex, rēgis (m) king
sēdēs, sēdis (f) seat, home, residence
territus, -a, -um afraid
tūtus, -a, -um safe
adulescens, -entis (m/f) youth
amor, amōris (m) love
celer, celeris, celere fast, swift
corpus, corporis (n) body
cum when
difficilis, difficile hard, difficult
fortis, forte strong, brave
gravis, grave heavy, serious
intellegens, intellegentis smart, intelligent
iuvenis, iuvenis (m/f) youth
legō, legere, lēgī, lectum to gather, to choose, to read
māior, māius greater, larger, older
mōs, mōris (m) custom, (pl) character
nec; nec...nec and not; neither... nor
nōbilis, nōbile notable, noble
omnis, omne each, every, (pl) all
potens, potentis powerful
tristis, triste sad
vērē truly
vērus, -a, -um true
vox, vōcis (f) voice
adiuvō, adiuvāre, adiūvī, adiūtum to help
apud (+acc) at the house of, with, at____'s
ars, artis (f) art, skill
diū for a long time
ēheu! Alas! Oh no!
exspectō await, wait for
haud by no means
labor, labōris (m) work, labor
magis more, rather
marītus, -ī (m) husband
mensa, -ae (f) table
multum a lot, much
nimium too much
ōrātiō, ōrātiōnis (f) speech
parens, parentis (m/f) parent
praeclārus, -a, -um very clear, famous, noble, excellent, beautiful
rhētor, rhētoris (m) teacher of rhetoric
rhētoricus, -a, -um rhetorical
rursus again
alter, altera, alterum the other (of the two)
amphitheātrum, -ī (n) amphitheater
animal, -ālis (n) animal
carmen, carminis (n) song, poem
cor, cordis (n) heart
etiam still, and also, even now
gladiātor, -ōris (m) gladiator
gladius, -iī (m) sword
ille, illa, illud he, she, is; they, himself, herself, itself, themselves
ipse, ipsa, ipsum he, she, it; they; that, those
is, ea, id he, she, it; they
iste, ista, istud that one
lacrimō cry, shed tears
mūnus, -eris (n) function, duty, gift, (pl) games, public show, spectacles
neuter, neutra, neutrum neither
nūllus, -a, um no, not any, none
numquam never
quōmodo how
sērius later, too late
tōtus, -a, -um whole, all
ūllus, -a, -um any
vōbīs you (all)
Created by: jennierose