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Hypothesis Possible explanation/answer for a scientific question
Variables All the factors that can change in an experiment
Controlled Experiment An experiment in which only one variable is changed at a time
Balance A tool used to measure objects
Graduated Cylinder A beaker used to measure volume
Microscope A tool used to measure weight and force
Thermometer A tool used to measure temperature
Test Tube Cylinder tube that is open on one side and closed at the other
Manipulated (Independant) Variable Variable that is purposely changed to test a hypothesis
Responding (Dependent) Variable Variable that may change in response to the manipulated variables
Constants Controlled variables (all the other variables)
Percentage Amount
X-Axis Horizontal Axis; Dependent Variable
Always wear Close toed shoes
(If Possible) Wear clothes made of Cotton
If chemicals get into your eyes flush for at least 15 minutes
Do not use glassware if it is cracked or chipped
Always pour an acid into water, not vise-versa
Never use electrical equipment with damaged cords
Always point beaker away from you
Do not eat, drink, or gum in the lab
Never taste chemicals
Always read labels and instructions
Do not inhale fumes
During field expirements never wander off alone
Created by: jazminbermudez