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digestive tracts&org

organ made of soft tissue, one of the most complex organs in human body,made with 100 billion nerves,located above spinal cord and is the control of your body brain
tube portion of respiratory tract,connects voice box with lungs,near larynx and connects to lungs trachea/bronchial tubes
muscular organ size of the fist,muscle,four chambers,located left of the breast bone,pups blood thru arteries and veins heart
when inhaled like balloons they transfer oxygen to your blood and when exhaled the air turns into carbon dioxide lungs
wave like motion that forces food downward peristalsis
upper abdonimen 6 in long near your back,break down carbs,fats and proteins, hormones secreted by the endocrine gland there in the pancreas are insulin and glucagon pancreas
large 3 lb. meaty organ,redbrown,right side of belly,2 parts left lobe and right,protected by rib-cage,gall bladder sits underneath it,filters blood before entering the rest of the digestive tract,detoxifys chemicals and drugs,filters bile into intestines liver
small,underneath liver,nxt to pancreas,pouch,balloon like,after meal it is deflated before a meal it is full of bile, gall bladder
beginning of digestive system,teeth,tongue,jaw,saliva=acid chemical,mechanical digestion=teeth,jaw,tongue.saliva breaks down food particles so it's easier to digest mouth
behind trachea,6 secs. to get from esophagus to stomach,peristalsis and mucas make it easy for food to slip down,pink tissue inside,8 inches long, esophagus
acids and enzymes break down food,upper left abdominal,food enters by esophagus, stomach
22.6 ft long,absorbs nutrients,between stomach and anus,center of abdominal cavity,3 sections: upper, jejunum, and ileum, small intestine
5 ft long,6 parts: cecum, ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon, sigmoid colon, and the rectum,absorbs fluid that is left from indigestable food,pass useless material thru body,below right waist, large intestine
last 8 cm. of large intestine,exit to anus,gets rid of waste rectum
ring like muscle figures that connect or close body passages sphincter
Created by: Hockeyluvr15