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(SS) Study Guide

Meaning of words

Tolerate- allow people to have beliefs or behaviors that are different from others.
Covenant- Is a contract. An agreement. Need to follow the rules.
Common- A grassy area. A village.
Fundamental- Basic rules. Made rules so they can govern themselves in the land that has rich soil and is perfect for farming.
Slavery- The practice of treating people as property and forcing them to work.
Puritans- They wanted to change the church. Some got jailed. Many decided to leave to England after they were free from jail.
John Winthrop- Was elected the first governor. He was able to vote because his skin-color was white and he owned land.
Boston- Puritans first settlement. 20,000 colonies Live near the Mystic and Charles river that make up the peninsula.
Harvard College- Puritans made this college because school was important to the puritans.
Providence- A settlement. Was later called Rhode Island. Largest city in Rhode Island.
Rhode Island- Is a settlement. Providence is its largest city.
Massachusetts Bay Company- Puritans obtained the charter for the company. The company owned land in New England.
Roger Williams- Disagreed with the puritans leader. Believed that government should tolerate the people with different religious beliefs.
Charles River- Helps form the peninsula of Boston.
Mystic River- Helps form the peninsula of Boston.
Anne Hutchinson- Also disagreed with the puritans leader. She told puritans who visited her house, that they should understand the bible in their own way.
Massachusetts Bay Colony- Is an English colony. They were the Puritans.
Portsmouth- Second largest city in ceremonial county in Hampshire.
Thomas Hooker- Also disagreed with the puritans leader. He thought churches should be independent and choose their own leader.
The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut- Two general assemblies. First one would be called the Court of Election. Second one is the governor who would have the power to administer justice.
Wampanoag- A Native American group who lives in the New England area. Helped the English colonist and were peaceful neighbors.
Pequot- A Native American group who lived with the Wampanoag in the New England area.
Massasoit- The Wampanoag leader. Died in 1661. For 40 years he kept peace with the colonists.
Metacomet- Son of Massasoit. Is called "Philip" by the English colonial governor. He became known as "King Philip".
Philip- The English called him Philip. He then was known as "King Philip".
King Philip- Was the name for Metacomet.
Created by: nickol357