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Chapter 4 spe 221

Partnering with Educators, Professionals, Paraprofessionals, Parents, and Other

What is the federal law that protects the privacy of students records? FERPA (confidentiality)
What are the strategies (ways) to problem solve and resolve conflicts? Problem solving: brain storming, nominal group technique Resolving conflicts: non-confrontational, confrontational
What are the elements of strong partnerships? confidentiality, strategies for gaining trust, collaboration
What is confidentiality? Done or communicated in confidence; secret.
What are strategies for gaining trust? using empathy, accepting the skills, competencies,experiences of other team members
What is collaboration? a process in which two or more individuals share their own experiences, skills, and knowledge; involves feelings of mutual respect, equality, and personal value
What is co-teaching? involves collaborating with other professionals in planning and implementing learning activities with students; usually takes place in general education classrooms.
What are reflective journals? a personal record of the teaching process form the educators perspective; falls under improving knowledge and skills
What is opportunity thinking? a conversation one has with one self while reflecting on events that happened during a particular situation. Somtimes known as obstacle thinking
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