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Greek GCSE Verbs

Greek verbs required for GCSE exam

ἀγγέλλω I announce
ἤγγειλα I announced
ἄγω I lead
ἤγαγον I led
αἰσθάνομαι I perceive, I notice
ᾐσθόμην I perceived, I noticed
ἀκούω I hear, I listen to
ἤκουσα I heard, I listened to
ἀναγκάζω I force, I compel
ἠνάγκασα I forced, I compelled
ἄπειμι I am away
ἀποβάλλω I throw away
ἀποθνῄσκω I die
ἀπέθανον I died
ἀποκρίνομαι I answer, I reply
ἀπεκρινάμην I answered, I replied
ἀποκτείνω I kill
ἀπεκτείνα I killed
ἄρχω I rule
ἤρξα I ruled
ἄρχομαι I begin
ἠρξάμην I began
βαίνω I go
ἔβην I went
βάλλω I throw; I pelt
ἔβαλον I threw; I pelted
βλάπτω I harm, I damage
ἔβλαψα I harmed, I damaged
βούλομαι I wish, I want
γίγνομαι I become, I happen
ἐγενόμην I became, I happened
γιγνώσκω I get to know, I realize
ἔγνων I got to know, I realized
γράφω I write
ἔγραψα I wrote
δακρύω I weep
ἐδακρύσα I wept
δέχομαι I receive
ἐδεχόμην I received
διαφθείρω I destroy, I corrupt
διέφθειρα I destroyed, I corrupted
διδάσκω I teach
ἐδίδαξα I taught
διώκω I chase, I pursue
ἐδίωξα I chased, I pursued
ἐθέλω I wish, I am willing
ἠθέλησα I wished, I was willing
εἰμί I am
εἰσπίπτω I fall into
ἐκβαίνω I go out
ἐκτρέχω I run out
ἐλαύνω I drive
ἐλπίζω I hope
ἤλπισα I hoped
ἐμβάλλω I throw in, I thrust in
ἐνέβαλον I threw in, I thrust in
ἐξάγω I lead out
ἕπομαι I follow
ἑσπόμην I followed
ἔρχομαι I come, I go
ἦλθον I came, I went
ἐσθίω I eat
ἔφαγον I ate
εὑρίσκω I find
ηὗρον I found
ἔχω I have
ἔσχον I had
θάπτω I bury
ἔθαψα I buried
θαυμάζω I am amazed (at), I admire
ἐθαύμασα I was amazed (at), I admired
θύω I sacrifice
ἔθυσα I sacrificed
καθίζω I sit
ἐκάθισα I sat
καίω I burn, I set on fire
ἔκαυσα I burned, I set on fire
κελεύω I order
ἐκέλευσα I ordered
κλέπτω I steal
ἔκλεψα I stole
κολάζω I punish
ἐκόλασα I punished
κόπτω I cut, I cut down; I knock
ἔκοψα I cut, I cut down; I knocked
κρύπτω I hide
ἔκρυψα I hid
κωλύω I prevent, I hinder
ἐκώλυσα I prevented, I hindered
λαμβάνω I take, I capture
ἔλαβον I took, I captured
λέγω I say, I speak, I tell
ἔλεξα or εἶπον I said, I spoke, I told
λείπω I leave
ἔλιπον I left
λύω release, I unfasten
ἔλυσα I released, I unfastened
μανθάνω I learn
ἔμαθον I learned
μάχομαι I fight
ἐμαχεσάμην I fought
μέλλω I intend, I am going to
μένω I stay, I remain; I wait for
ἔμεινα I stayed, I remained; I waited for
οἷος τ᾽εἰμί I am able
ὀργίζομαι I get angry, I am angry
ὠργίσθην I got angry, I was angry
παιδεύω I train, I educate
ἐπαίδευσα I trained, I educated
παρασκευάζω I prepare
παρεσκεύασα I prepared
πάρειμι I am here, I am present
παρέχω I provide, I produce
παρέσχον I provided, I produced
πάσχω I suffer, I experience
ἔπαθον I suffered, I experienced
παύω I stop
ἔπαυσα I stopped
παύομαι I cease
ἐπαυσάμην I ceased
πείθω I persuade
ἔπεισα I persuaded
πείθομαι (+ dative) I obey
ἐπιθόμην (+ dative) I obeyed
πέμπω I send
ἔπεμψα I sent
πίνω I drink
ἔπιον I drank
πίπτω I fall
ἔπεσον I fell
πιστεύω I trust, I believe (+ dative)
ἐπίστευσα I trusted, I believed (+ dative)
πορεύομαι I march, I travel
ἐπορεύθην I marched, I travelled
πράσσω I do, I fare (well/badly, etc.); I manage
ἔπραξα I did, I fared (well/badly, etc.); I managed
προσάγω I lead to(wards)
προσβαίνω I go to(wards)
προσβάλλω I invade (+ dative)
προσπέμπω I send to(wards)
προστρέχω I run to(wards)
πυνθάνομαι I inquire; I learn by inquiry, I find out
ἐπυθόμην I inquired; I learned by inquiry, I found out
στρατεύω I march, I go on an expedition
ἐστράτευσα I marched, I went on an expedition
συλλέγω I collect, I assemble
συνέλεξα I collected, I assembled
σῴζω I save
ἔσωσα I saved
τάσσω I draw up, I arrange
ἔταξα I drew up, I arranged
τρέχω I run
ἔδραμον I ran
φαίνω I show, I make clear
ἔφηνα I showed, I made clear
φαίνομαι I appear
ἐφαινόμην I appeared
φέρω I carry, I bring
ἤνεγκα or ἤνεγκον I carried, I brought
φεύγω I run away, I flee
ἔφυγον I ran away, I fled
φυλάσσω I guard
ἐφύλαξα I guarded
φιλέω I show
ἐφίλησα I loved
ἀδικέω I act unjustly; I wrong
ἠδίκησα I acted unjustly; I wronged
αἰτέω I ask for, I request
ᾔτησα I asked for, I requested
ἀναχωρέω I retreat
ἀνεχώρησα I retreated
βοηθέω I help (+ dative)
ἐβοήθησα I helped (+ dative)
μισέω I hate
ἐμίσησα I hated
ποιέω I make; I do
ἐποίησα I made; I did
ἀδικέω I do wrong (to), I act unjustly (towards)
αἱρέω I take
ἀναχωρέω I retreat
ἀφικνέομαι I arrive
βοηθέω I help, I run to help (+ dative)
δεῖ it is necessary (+ accusative + infinitive)
δοκεῖ it seems good (to X in the dative)
ἐξέστι(ν) it is possible (+ dative + infinitive)
καλέω I call, I invite
μισέω I hate
πλέω I sail
ποιέω I make; I do; (+ adverb + accusative) I treat
ὑπισχνέομαι I promise
φιλέω I love, I like
φοβέομαι I fear, I am afraid (of)
φονεύω I murder
χρή it is necessary (+ accusative + infinitive)
εἷλον I took
ἀφικόμην I arrived
ἐκάλεσα I called, I invited
ἔπλευσα I sailed
ὑπεσχόμην I promised
ἐφοβήθην I feared, I was afraid (of)
ἐφόνευσα I murdered, I killed
βοάω I shout
ἐβόησα I shouted
γελάω I laugh
ἐγέλασα I laughed
ἔδωκα I gave
εἰσβάλλω I throw into; I invade
εἰσέβαλον I threw into; I invaded
ἐκφεύγω I escape
ἐξέφυγον I escaped
ἐρωτάω I ask (a question)
ἠρώτησα I asked (a question)
ἠρόμην I asked (a question)
καθεύδω I sleep
ἐκαθεῦδον or καθηῦδον I was sleeping
κτάομαι I obtain, I acquire
ἐκτησάμην I obtained, I acquired
νικάω I conquer, I win
ἐνίκησα I conquered, I won
νομίζω I think, I consider
ἐνόμισα I thought, I considered
οἶδα I know
ὁράω I see
εἶδον I saw
πειράομαι I try, I attempt
ἐπειρασάμην I tried, I attempted
τιμάω I honor
ἐτίμησα I honored
φημί I say
ἔφην I was saying
χράομαι I use (+ dative)
ἐχρησάμην I used (+ dative)
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