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Env 100 Test 1

Kutztown University 2012

What is 'environment'? All living and nonliving factors (matter and energy) that affect an organism or system.
What is environmental science? The study of how nature works and human interactions with the environment.
What is ecology? (dif from env sci) The study of distributions and interactions of organisms, and relationships between organisms and their environment.
What is environmentalism? (dif from env) A social movement dedicated to protecting the environment.
What happened at Easter Island? People degraded their environment as tribes build statues using all their trees. Erosion lowered crop yield, no wood to build canoes, everyone died
Who said "The greatest good for the greatest number of people for the longest time"? Gifford Pinchot (first chief of the united states forest service)
What is sustainability? Ability of Earth's natural systems and human culture and economic systems to survive and adapt to a changing environment indefinitely.
What is natural capital degradation? Unsustainable use of natural capital (resources/services provided by the env) depletes its goods and services.
What is a sustainable society? One that meets the basic needs of its people in a just and equatable manner using Earth's natural income without depleting or degrading the natural capitol it supplies.
What is anthropocentrism? human-centered view of the environment
What is biocentrism? ascribe values to certain living things
What is ecocentrism? Values entire species, communities and ecosystems
What is ecological efficiency? The percentage of usable energy transferred as biomass from one trophic level to the next (typically 10%)
What is a population? a group of interacting individuals of the same species occupying a specific area
What is genetic diversity? In most natural populations individuals vary in their genetic makeup (typically 80% shared genes)
What is an ecosystem? Consist of biotic and biotic components
How do ecosystems survive Energy flow and matter recycling
What is NPP (net primary production)? The rate at which producers make and store energy minus the rate at which they use energy through respiration
What is soil? a thin layer of weathered rock, minerals, organic matter, water, air and living organisms
How long does it take to renew a centimeter of soil? 15-100s of years
What is desertification? A decline in 10% productivity
How much water on Earth is usable to humans? 0.024%
How do we alter the water cycle? Withdrawing large amounts of freshwater, clearing vegetation, increasing flooding and removing wetlands, pollution, and altering flows
What is the growth rate of a population? the exponential rate of growth from one year to the next
What is affluence? The abundance of money, property or possession
Created by: andrewdouv