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Middle East

Study Guide

How did the Nile River benefit early Egyptians? The Nile helped by bringing fertile soil to the crop, flooding the land, transportation, trading, and drinking water.
Name three threats to Middle Eastern water supplies. Evaportation, little rain water, irragation projects.
Why is desalination not an opinion for many countries in the Middle East? It costs a lot of money and some countries are too poor.
Largest desert - what and where Sahara in North Africa
Two ways farming has damaged the Aral Sea. human activities and irragation projects
Why did Mesopotamia develop along the Trigis and Euphrates? Travelling, trading, and good soil left by floods
How has Mesopotamia influence life today? first calendar, first written language, invention of useful tools
Judaism differs from others... first and oldest religion
What waterways helped make Baghbad an important trade city? Persian Gulf and Trigis River
What are the affects if the Arab-Israeli conflict? Jews got their own land
How have the conflicts in Southwest Asia affect the world? It has caused a war for oil against the Middle East.
Why are cities in the region growing and what problems do they face? Farmers are selling their land that are getting turned into cities because of water shortages.
Four challenges cities in the region face overpopulation, shortage of water, bad government, conflict with other countries
Judaism, Christainity, Islam are... monthiestic (belief in one god)
Status of woman around the region... that they are educated, do farmwork, and run government
Polythiestism means... workshiping of many gods
Five pillars of Islam 1. only one god named Allah 2. pray five times a day 3. give money to ones in need 4. don't eat or drink during the holy day. 5. go on journeys
Oldest world religion is ... Judaism
Most serious conflict in the region is between... Muslim Arab Nations and Israelis
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