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Wave science

Features of a wave and electromagnetic spectrum

Order or waves Radio waves, microwaves, infrared waves, ultraviolet waves, x-rays, gamma rays
Radio Waves 1st...... longest wavelength, lowest frequency and energy. Used for televisions, radios, seeing inside the body etc.
Micro Waves 2nd...... Part of the Radio Waves. shortest wavelength and highest frequency OF THE RADIO WAVES. Used for communication (satellites).
Infrared Waves 3rd...... Type of electromagnetic (heat) radiation. Long wavelength and lower frequency and energy.
Ultraviolet Waves 4th...... Type of electromagnetic radiation (relative to light).Ables body to make vitamin D. Too much can result in sunburns, skin cancer etc.
X Rays 5th...... shorted wavelength and higher energy and frequency than Ultraviolet waves. Wilhelm Roentgen discovered them in 1895.
Gamma Rays 6th...... Shortest wavelength and highest energy and frequency. Produced my hottest places on earth. Result from nuclear reactions. Focused gamma rays can be used to kill cancer cells.
Wave Crest Highest point on a wave
Wave Trough Lowest point on a wave.
Rest Position where the water would lay if all were still.
Wavelength The distance from a crest to crest or trough to trough.
Wave Amplitude The hight or depth of a wave from rest position. Either from crest to rest position or trough to rest position.
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