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Science LCA

What is a invertebrate?? A animal without a backbone.. :)
What is a skeleton A mechcanical support for muscle attachment. *most invertebrates don't have a internal skeleton some have a external some don't even have one
What are filter feeders? Animals that filter water for food. Ex) sponges
What are nematocysts? Special cells found in the ectoderm of a jellyfish. They make a boo-boo on you :)
What is radial symmetry??????????????? They can be divided into equal halves by any plane................
What are neurons????//// They carry impulses from place to place to place.:-------)
What is bilateral symmetry? 2 eqaul sides of a animal.
What is ganglion?? A "simple brain" most invertebrates ganglions to control different body parts.
Bro like what does stimulus mean man? Its something a organism can sense. silly
Whats a sensory receptor>..?? Found in earthworms that can sense a stimulus and start a impulse.........fancy
Closed circulatory system..? When blood doesn't leave the body..
aortic arches whoa whats that? It helps control the EARTHWORMS! blood pressure.
Whats c-a-p-i-l-l-a-r-i-e-s? if thats how you say it? The tiniest blood cells that worms have.
Veins??? Dang science is hard! Veins are vessels that lead blood to the heart.... GOOFY
Created by: blaaa123