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Unit 2 SS

Based on Unit 2: build skills by Glencoe (Calabasas High Freshman in Heukrod)

westerly west to east winds in middle latitudes
doldrums calm areas with no prevailing winds along the equator
trade wind winds that blow from high to low pressure zones
prevailing winds winds that usually blow from the same directions
air pressure measurement of force exerted by air
greenhouse effect when solar energy is trapped in the atmosphere
temperature the measure of heat
steppe transiton area between the Arid deserts
tornadoes small twisting spirals of wind
rain shadow effect deserts formed on leeward sides of mountains
orographic effect when moist air flowing from the ocean meets a barrier
elevation height of something on Earth
typhoon a tropical storm resolving in violent winds, heavy rains, and dangerously high seas
hurricane a tropical storm on islands and costal areas
humidty amount of water vapor in the air
remote sensor devices used on satelites as eyes
front meeting zone of warmer subpolar and cold polar air
polar wind high latitude winds that come from east
What happens when warm westerlies come in contact with polar winds? there is a front
What would happen if too much solar energy was trapped in the atmosphere we would die from heat
How can people make use of Landsat images to protect the environment They tell you information on the environment and how to help it
How do global wind paterns and global ocean current patterns help Earth maintain an energy balance they circulate heat
What causes differences in air pressure Hot and cold weather
How does air behave differently in a low-pressure area then in a high-pressure area Lower Air is colder and less plain
What is the relationship between evaporation, condensation, and precipitation they are all forms of H20
How do elevation and the orographic effect influence land and climate The higher you go, the colder it gets
How does the latitude of a site influence its climate The closer it is to the equator the hotter it is
What is the difference between weather and climate Weather is temporary
Erosian wearing away of land
Explain why the Himalysias are still growing There is still volcanic activity
Explain what contributes to the temperature of deserts, explain Little rain causes no trees
What life occurs in deserts Cactus, reptiles, bugs, and vultures
What is the only continent without a desert Europe
What and where is the worlds largest desert Antarctica
Desertification When a place loses plants and gains features of a desert
Desert An area onEarth that recieves litlle rain
How do forces within Earth prevent prevent the surface due to erosian Volcanic activity
Classify landforms into three categories other then primary and secondary Size, location, and shape
How is the island of Surtsey a good example that is both a primary and secondary landform It has eroded through volcanic activity
How do primary and secondary landforms differ? give an example of each Primary are large land masses, secondary are primarys that have eroded. Mt. St Helens was once a primary, now its secondary.
How does erosion of earths surface occur (explain) Wind blowing, and other forces that move landforms or change them.
Relief Differences in elevation of a landform
What is the difference between folding and faulting one bends(folds), one breaks (faults)
Which type of plate boundary is likley to have the greates effect on humans Plates pushing together
What landforms form at each of the 3 types of plate boundaries Mountains, valleys, and continents
Assess the extent to which human activities cause changes in Earths surfaces Bombs, litter, and land development
What occurs whe rock is bent? broken? Folds. Faults
What process erodes land wind
What happens when plates meet Earthquakes and mountains are formed
How does the study of plate boundaries explain how some mountains are formed It tells if a fault or a fold created them
Explain the part wind plays in shaping the land Its a force that causes erosian
How far below the surface of the earth is its inner core 860 miles
What is sand Ground up rocks
What created Bryce Canyon's colorful and unusualy rock formations Many centureies of weathuring by water and ice
delta the mouth of a river whre sediment can be deposited
alluvial fan a fan shaped deposit of sediment that is deposited by a stream
floodplain a landform of level ground
trench a long valley on the ocean floor
fold the result of bent rock layers
lava melted liquid rocks or magma within Earth
volcano Opening in Earths crust through which lava flows
sand dunes Hails of wind deposited sand
glacier masses of ice that slowly move
sediment weathering breaking particles of mud, sand, or gravel
rock weathering process of rock decaying
erosian wearing away of land
What % of the Earth surface is covered by the ocean 71%
what percent of the water on earth is saltwater 97%
What percent of water on earth is ice 2%
What % of earths water is fresh water 1%
Why is the ocean blue It reflects off the ocean ~Karl Beutel
Explain wy the Arctic Ocean freezes but the Pacifc Ocean does not The artic ocean is colder and has less salt
3 Ways life would change if the worlds water resources were reduced Everyone would start to die because the food chain would diminish and people would die of thirst, and plants would die.
As of the year 2000, how many oceans are there, and what are their names 5:pacific, atlantic,arctic,indian, and southern
What was the original four oceans Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, and Arctic
Whats the average tempreature of the ocean 34°
Whats the major source of ground water precipitation
Why are rivers and estuaries important to ocean life they circulate water
Why is water important to agriculture and industry Water feeds plants and powers hydrolics
Hydrologic Cycle The circulation opf water among parts of the hydrosphere
How is hydroelectricity produced when water is stored behind dams
What are 3 US states that depend on irrigation TX, CA, and AZ
Continental shelf Most shallow part of ocean
aquifer a rock layer water flows through
Water table top of saturated zone in between rocks
groundwater freshwater found underground
wetlands important surface waters
estuary when rivers meet an inlet of the sea
Watershead an area of land drained by a river
tributary small stream that plows into a larger body of water
headwaters first and smallest streams from runoff
evapotranspiration a measure of evaporation
transpiration water that travels through land
hydrologic cycle the cycle of earths water
hydroelectricity a major power source
industrialization large scale of manufactured goods
irrigation watering land through pipes
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