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science v.

mrs. roberts class chapters 75-78

orbit the higher the Sun's angle is in the sky the more daylight hour. The lower the angle of the sun, the least amount of daylight there is.they move togethe,
How is the length of daylight related to sun's angle in the sky?
how might the length of daylight and angle of the Sun be related to the seasons?
Orbit path a planet follows around the sun.
Equator an imaginary line that divides the Earth into 2 halves.
hemesphere The Earth is split in half through the middle of the Earth. From the north to the south.
revolve movement of the Earth around the sun
revolution one complete orbit around the sun.
How is the length of daylight related to the sun's angle in the sky? The higher the sun's angle is in the sky, the more daylight hours. The lower the angle the sun, the least amount of daylight there is. They move together, they decrease and increase together.
how might the length of daylight and angle of the sun be related to the seasons? the sun is highest in the sky and at the begining of winter. In spring and fall, the the days are around 12 hourslong and the sun is at a middle point.
Is there evidence to support seasons being caused by the changing distance between Earth and the sun? the seasons are not caused by the changes in Earth's distancefrom the sun.
how is Earth's tilt in relation to the sun related to the seasons on Earth? The Earth's tilt causes longer summer days in the US. More hours of daylight in the Summer allow more time for Suns rays to heaat the Earth.
how does the angle light strikes the suface effect the amount of energy the suface receives? the more direct the Sun's rays hit the Earth the warmer it is and it is more effective, the more of an angle it is at or the lower the Sun is in the sky, the less directly the sun's rays hit, the colder it is.
how is the angle light strikes a surface related to seasons on Earth? when the suns energy hits at a direct angle, the suns energy is spread out more and less effective on heating the Earth, causing it to be cold, which is in the winter, and when the Earth tilted father away from the sun,it gets less energy and it's winter
How do Earth's tilt and revoloution around the Sun combine to produce seasons? the tilt of the Earth faces or dosnt face the Sun when it does its Summer visversa. So the Earths tilt is back at were it started after 1 yearso as the Earth is revolving around the Sun it causes changes in the weather and changes in the seasons
Why would the seasons in Nourthern and southern hemisphere be opposite on Earth? Why one is expereancing one season the other is expereancing the other.
Why are the tropics always warm? Why are the poles always cold? The tropics are near the eqautor so they get direct light from the sun. The poles are farthest from the epuator so the get really cold weather because the suns rays are less direct.
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