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Mythology Test 1.0

logos word, story, reason, verifiable account - argument, logic, persuasion, evidence, detachment, yes or no, either or, verifiable and predictable
mythos story-questionable - stories, narrative, spell-binding, tradition, involvement, yes AND no, both\and, satisfying and familiar
poesis the making
Minoans (Prehellenic peoples) Goddess centered - chthonian - settled - agricultural - theriomorphism (animals)
Mycenaeans (Indo-Europeans) Sky god centered - Olympian - nomadic - pastoral - anthropomorphism (man)
mulkural the spirit from the Dream Time of the tribe David is associated with (ancestry) in The Last Wave.
Cyclopes The 1-eyed chthonian beings birthed by Gaia and Ouranos. They give Zeus his lightning and help fight the titans--example of mediation between the two worlds
titans the chthonian beings birthed by Gaia and Ouranos. Trapped in the depths of Mt. Tartaros by Zeus
Olympian offering Burning the flesh into essence, an inorganic matter the gods can take in
Chthonian offering blood ran into the Earth in pits for the chthonian deities
phallic looks like a penis
"primordial sexual totality" the original scheme--where the deities had wombs and phallic (heads generally). Both the potency of a male with the fertility of a female--both genders (womb tomb)
Mistress of Beasts power over and nurtures nature--turns into Mountain Mother then Cybele-- the epitome of primordial sexual totality--powerful and inherently chthonian
labrys the double axe -- (resembles a bull)
Minotaur half bull, half human whom guarded the labyrinth built to hold it -- killed by Theseus -- example of Minoan and bull symbolism
Labyrinth The structure built to keep the Minotaur in
oikos inside - dominated by femininity and matriarchs (Age 1-7)
polis outside - male dominated and based on having/hating feminine qualities (removed from oikos and thrown here)
gynaikonitis women's quarters in the houses
hoplite the middle class of Athens - bought their own armor to fight for the city state
hoplon round shield used by the hoplites
time honor
Male Psyche tendency to organize experiences into strong oppositions of male vs. female
chthon earth -- that one is born out of and dies back into --organic, living matter
Chthonian Earth (Gaia), chthonic, female, womb, inside, house, matter, multiplicity, theriomorphic, noise
Olympian Sky (Ouranos), Olympian, male, phallus, outside, agora, essence, anthropomorphic, harmony (music)
parthenogenesis creating without needing both sexes --primordial sexual totality, as done by Gaia--when Hera tries, her child is lame
100-handers Chthonian beings who helped Zeus fight the Titans -- mediation
Mediation Using the power of the other side against it or acting as a middle ground -- Demeter, Cyclopes and 100-handers,
Athena Zeus' daughter -- born out of his head after he swallows Metis -- asexual and born without the taint of the womb -- brings the chthonian world with her
Gorgoneion the head of medusa on Athena's garment like a brooch -- snakes woven into sides
Hephaistos (Vulcan) the lame god born of Hera parthenogenetically-- god of the wilderness, trades (carries the axe)
aer air we breathe (humans)
aither air the gods (olympians) breathe
Aphrodite goddess of desire -- born from Ouranos' testicles/penis in the ocean -- falls for Anchises and has his child -- it is raised by Nymphs
Anchises Aphrodite's lover who was a shepherd, mortal, from Troy
Mt. Ida the mountain Cybele hails from -- Aphrodite touches down there and returns to her Mistress of Beasts roots
Ganymede the lover/servant boy of Zeus -- also from Troy
nymphs neither mortal nor immortal--live a long time, and eat immortal food on earth
ephebe on the point of youth -- 18/19
Apollo Young, handsome poster-child for Olympians -- plays Lyre, sings--bringer of steady, clear light of noon--rationality, clear thinking that separates and defines -- individuality
Principium individuationis individuality
gnothi seauton know thyself
meden agan nothing too much
Delphi center of greece -- site of Apollo's temple with important oracles -- Pythia (priestess) -- shared with Dionysus
Crete center of Minoan civilization
Tartaros the mountain where the Titans were thrown and locked into the earth -- chthon
Pytho From 'rot' -- name of she-dragon who raised Typhoios and whom Apollo slayed -- town named after
Telphousa nymph whom Apollo slayed after she tricked him -- he took her name (and her identity)
uruboros eternal cycling of matter in the earth, out of which animals are born and die into -- snake eating its own tail
athanatoi immortals -- don't die
thnetoi diers -- capable of death
haima blood
ichor what gods have as blood
brotos bread
ambrotoi non-organic matter
wine/water what humans drink
nectar what olympians drink
organic matter what humans ingest and chthonians
ambrosia non-organic matter that olympians ingest
Demeter goddess of fertility, grain, (da-meter--earth momther), holds a torch to light her way to search for persephone in the underworld--mediated with Zeus by refusing the world's fertility
Persephone Demeter's daughter who is kidnapped by Hades -- spends 1/3 below and 2/3 above -- desired change and to be below
axis mundi conveys from one world to the other--acts as a connector between worlds (limen - threshold)
Hecate goddess of the black arts and healing
Female Archetype maiden--limen--mother--limen--crone, persephone--demeter--hecate
Male Archetype boy--limen--man
kukeon ritual drink of Demeter's mysteries
aetiological myth explains the origins of a cult action, phenomenon, or practice
pomegranate expresses fertility, sexuality, and death and AFFIRMS the unity of all the processes as phases of the same
Demetreioi the dead are "Demeter's own" and the graves are sown with wheat
Thesmophoria women's festival of Demeter @ Athens -- no men--burial and unearthing of sacrificed piglet as magic fertilizer--snakes among remains--dough snakes and phalloi made
Female tripartite the representation of 3 females per myth--maiden, mother, crone
Eleusis Site of Demeter's mysteries cult meetings--individual resurrection through individual integration into nature
Lago Pergusa the lake (and spot) where Hades dragged Persephone into the underworld
Attis god of vegetation--cybele's son/lover--killed by unmanning himself under a pine tree--sexual potency for goddess
eniautos daimon Consorts of the great goddess--the Year Gods
Year God Osiris, Tammuz, Adonis, and Attis -- represent yearly decay and revival of life--died yearly and rose from dead--in conjunction with Cybele
Artemis Virgin goddess worshipped as fertility deity in cahoots with Cybele--castrated men used as sacrifice--'mistress of the animals'--bow
Astarte castrated men used as sacrifice--Ishtar--became accepted as Aphrodite--fertility and sexuality
Artemis of Ephesus greatly shows fertility--decorated by sacrificed bull testicles
Dionysus wild--civilization, animates, arouses, initiation, ecstacy, aulos, mediator between earth and sky--the "force that drives the green fuse"--dynamic life energy--de-individuation, turning into a volatile compound--patron of wine, theater, democratic politic
Friedrich Nietzsche Wrote "Birth of Tragedy" comparing and contrasting Dionysus and Apollo, finally well-defining Dionysus
Adonis--Tammuz Baby to Persephone to hide, she didn't want to give back. 1/2 to Ishtar, 1/2 year to Persephone
Osiris Year god--Iris is his woman--went searching for him after Set (Typhon) locked in coffin and sent down the river
aulos double flute played by thiasos (crew of Dion) --immoral
Mt. Nysa Zeus of Nysa--chthonian Zeus--where Dionysus gets his name
Omphalos the naval stone coughed up by Kronos--said to be Dionysus' headstone
consort boyfriends, lovers, donate semen
thyrsus fennel stalk wand
satyr human legs, horse/goat heads
maenads liberated women who followed Dionysus
sparagmos tearing apart live animals
omophagia eating raw flesh
orgia rites of Dionysus
symposion drinking parties of Dionysus
sophrosyne balance, moderation
Kottabus game played at symposion
Hermes (Mercury)travels between the two worlds--acts as psychopomp--god of the inbetween
psychopomp soul guide
psyche souls
Aegis the round shield of Athena
Maia Nymph (mother) of Hermes--Mt. Cyllene
Lyre musical instrument of Apollo that has chthonian roots
Cadeuces the staff of Hermes with wings/snakes
herm ithyphallic boundary stones to ward off evil
ithyphallic erect penis
Trickster disobedient, defiant, resilient, holy fool, benefactor, buffoon, improvisor, mediator -- Coyote, Bugs Bunny, Charlie Chaplin
Simone de Beauvoir wrote the book "The Second Sex" detailing why greek men hated and feared women
Polarities opposite ends of a spectrum--extremes
Demophoon the child Demeter fed nectar and tried to turn immortal by burning the mortality out of him
Gaia literally Earth--the primordial sexual totality
Cybele the mountain mother of mistress of beasts--resided on Mt. Ida
Ouranos Child and lover of Gaia--they produced the Titans--tried to shove his children back in earth--died by Kronos cutting off his testicles (which birthed Athena)
Kronos Son of Ouranos and Gaia--father of the Olympians--tried to swallow his children
Typhoios Creature of Gaia and Tartaros--chthonian monster Zeus slayed
Zeus Father supreme of the Olympian gods, hurls lightning bolts and rules shit
Mt. Olympus Where the Olympian gods live
Narcissus the axis-mundi for persephone
Charon the ferryman to the underworld
Cerberus the evil dog thing that guards the underworld
Chimera Part lion, snake, and goat
Homer Poet who wrote the Homeric Hymns, the Illiad, and the Odyssey
James Frazer Wrote The Golden Bough which is a book that documents magical and religious beliefs around the globe
secretism keeping secrets as a part of a religious practice
Eurydice Orpheus' nymph wife, Apollo's daughter
Gardens of Adonis Planted by women who rejoiced in their growth and then mourned their death
Pan half man, half goat--god of pastures and the wild
Tithonus Lover of Eos (Dawn) given immortality but not given immortal youth--grows old and is shut away
Hesiod Poet credited with writing Theogeny and The Works--a lot of Greek religion is written down by him
Metanira Mother of the son Demeter tried to make immortal
Mt. Kithairon Sacred to Dionysus--where Prometheus was exposed on the rock
Hestia Daughter of Kronos and Rhea--virgin goddess of the hearth, architecture, and the home
Muses Daughters of Zeus--responsible for inspiration
Centaur men top, horse bottoms
Atlas Primordial Titan who supported the heavens
Ares God of war, son of Zeus and Hera,
Oedipus fulfilled a prophecy that said he would kill his father and marry his mother, and thus brought disaster on his city and family--
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