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W. Geo MHS - P

ECO vocab

Pacific Rim an economic and social region including the countries surrounding the Pacifi Ocean, extending clockwise from New Zealand in the western Pacific to Chile in the eastern Pacific and including the west coast of the United States.
pakegas a Maori term for white people, for the New Zealand of European descent.
Palestine Liberation Oganization a group formed in the 1960's to regain the Arab land in Israel for Palestine Arabs.
Palestinans a displaced group of Arabs who lived or still live the area formerly called Palestine and now called Israel.
pampas a vast area of grassland and rich soil in south- central South America.
Panama Canal a ship canal cut through Panama connecting the Caribbean Sea with the Pacific Ocean.
pandemic a disease affecting a large population over a wide geographic area.
Parana River a river in central South America and one of its three major rover systems, originating in the jighlands of southern Brazil, traveling about 2,00 miles south and west.
parliament a representative lawmaking body whose members are elected or appointed and in which legislative and executive functions are combined.
parliamentary government a system where legislative and executiveare combined in a legislature called a parliament.
particulate a very small particle of liquid or solid matter.
partition separation; division into two or more territorial units having separare political staus.
pastoral lelae in Australia, a hugechunj of land still owned by the government; ranchers take out leases, renting the land from the government.
PCB an indistrial compound that accumulates in animal tissue and can cause harmful effects and birth defects; PCBs were banned in the United States.
peat partically decayed plant matter found in bogs.
peanal colony a place to send prisoners.
per capita income the average amount of money earned by each person in a political unit.
permafrost permanently frozen ground.
polder land that is relaimed from the sea or other body of water by diking and drainage.
Polynesia one of three regions in Oceanania, meaning "many islands".
population density the average number of people who in measurable area, reached by dividing the number of unhabitants in an eare by the ammount of land they occupy.
ppulation pyramid a graphic device that shows gender and age distibution of a population.
postindustrial economy and economic phase in which manufacturing no longer plays a dominant role.
Prairie Provincess in Canada, the provincess was of Ontario and Quebec- Manitoba, Saskatcheman Alberta.
Created by: Montwood_EOC