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W. Geo MHS - O

EOC vocab

oasis a place where water from an aquifer has reached the surface; it supports vegitation and wildlife.
Oceania the group of islands in the pacific, including Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia.
Olduvai Gorge a site of fossil beds in northern Tanzania, containing the most continuous know record of humanity ovet the past 2 million years, including fossils from 65 hominids.
oligarchy a government run by a few persons or a small group.
"one commodity" country a country that relies on one principal export for much of its earnings.
Ontario one of Canada's Core Provinces.
OPEC the Oginization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, a group established in 1960by some oil- producing nations to corrdinate policies on selling petroleum products.
Orinoco River a river mainly in Venezuela and part of South America's northermost river system.
outback the dry, unpopulated inland region of Australia.
outrigger canoe a small ship used in the lagoons of islands where Pacific Islanders settled.
ozone a chemical created when burning fossil fuels react with sunlight; a form of oxygen.
Created by: Montwood_EOC