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6th Grade Ch 4

Plant Reproduction

Flowering plants grow their seeds inside an ovary, which is embedded in a flower.
The flower then becomes a ___ containing the seeds. fruit
Examples of flowering plants most trees, shrubs, vines, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and legumes.
Seeds can be dispersed by wind, water, or animals.
The seed’s coat helps protect the ___ from injury and also from drying out. embryo
Many ___ contain both male and female parts needed to produce new flowers. flowers
Flower ___ are often colorful or have a scent to attract insects and other animals. petals
Stamen The male part of a flower that has an anther on a filament.
The ___ produces the pollen that contains the sperm cells. anther
Pistil The female part of the flower that contains the stigma, style, and ovary
Ovary contains the ovules where the egg cells are produced
Stigma the sticky top of the pistil where pollen grains land
Style a stalk down which the pollen tube grows after pollination has taken place
Seed The ovule that contains the fertilized egg (embryo) from which new plants are formed.
A fruit that is formed from the ovary often protects the ___. seed
When seeds are dispersed from the parent plant, they can either lay ___ or they can begin to grow immediately given the right conditions. dormant
Germination early stage of seed growth.
During germination, the ___ begin to grow down, while the ___ and ___ grow up. roots; stem and leaves
Fertilization occurs when pollen transfers from stamen to the pistil and then enters the ovule.
Pollination occurs when pollen transfers from the stamen to the pistil
Once the ovule is ___ it develops into a seed. fertilized
A ___ (fleshy, pod, or shell) then develops to protect the seed. fruit
___ are structures that contain the young plant surrounded by a protective covering. seeds
Sexual Reproduction A process of reproduction that requires a sperm cell (in pollen) and an egg cell (in the ovule) to combine to produce a new organism.
All flowering plants undergo ___ reproduction. sexual
Asexual Reproduction A process of reproduction that involves only one parent plant or plant part and produces offspring identical to the parent plant.
Many plants can grow new plants ___ from their plant parts. asexually
If a plant is cut or damaged, it can sprout new growth from the ___, ___, or ___ stems, roots, or leaves.
Bulbs or Tubers are types of underground stems.
The “eyes” or ___ of tubers, for example potatoes, grow into roots and shoots to produce a new plant. buds
___, for example onions, are big buds made of a stem and special types of leaves. bulbs
Runners are types of stems that run along the ground.
New strawberries or some ivy grow from the tips of ___. runners
Many lawn grasses grow from ___. runners
When a piece of cut ___ is planted, roots may form from the cutting, and then a full plant develops. stem
Sugar cane and pineapple are examples of plants grown from ___ cuttings. stem
Some fruit trees and bushes send up “suckers” or new shoots from the ___ roots
Some plants have roots that can produce new plants from root pieces, such as a ___ potato. sweet
Some houseplants produce little plants right on their ___. leaves
The African violets can produce plants from ___ placed on top of soil. leaves
Created by: Ms. Phillips