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Pharm 44 Immunosupr

Pharm 44 Immuno suppression LECOM

Azathioprine AZA Class? Cytotoxic- Antimetabolite
Methotrexate MTX Class? Cytotoxic- Antimetabolite Mycophenolic Acid Class ?
Mycophenolate Mofetil Class ? Cytotoxic- Antimetabolite
Leflunomide Class? Cytotoxic – Antimetabolite
Use in Renal transplant, IBS, and RA. Causes pancreatitis and hepatotoxicity Azathiprene
Use in tumors, autoimmune. Folate analogue inhibits DHFR methotrexate
Cyclophosphamide Class? Alkylating agent
Used almost exclusively with SLE or xenotransplants. Causes bladder cancer cyclophosphamide
Used to prevents cyclophosphamide bladder cancer mesna
Don’t give oral iron with this drug Mycophenolate mofetil
(2) Can cause GI bleed, lymphoma. Tx: solid organ, lupus nephritis, RA, Pemphigus Mycophen-olic acid /-olate mefetil
Tx: RA Hepatotoxic (long action). Causes lung disease CI:Pregnancy leflunomide
Adverse Effects: interstitial fibrosis, nephrotoxic, HTN, HCh, hepatotoxic cyclosporine
Tx: chronic dry eyes, organ transplant, RA, psoriasis. MOA: inhibits IL-2 release cyclosporine
Tx: organ transplant, atopic dermatitis SE: nephron, htn, prolong QT Tacrolimus
This is incorporated into coronary stents to prevent coronary artery smooth muscle proliferation Sirolimus
Tx: Organ transplant No nephrotoxicity SE: HTN, HLip, thrombocytopenia Sirolimus
Can cause demyelinating disease of CNS Tx: Psoriatic arthritis Blocks TNF- a & b Etanercept
Can cause demyelinating disease of CNS Tx: Psoriatic arthritis Blocks TNF-a Adalimumab
Tx: Crohn’s TNF-a blocker Pt has tuberculosis recurrence Infliximab
Tx: RA IL-1 blocker anakinra
Broad immunosuppression for acute kidney transplant rejection Causes cytokine release syndrome, Rabbit ATG
Broad immunosuppression for acute kidney transplant rejection Causes cytokine release syndrome, mouse OKT3
B-Cell targeters Tx: CD20+ non-H Lymphoma & 2nd ary treatment for RA when TNF-a inhibitors fail Rituximab
Only targets activated T cells given prophylactically for Kidney transplant Daclizumab
Treats B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia Alemtuzumab
Tx; Plaque psoriasis w/ months of relief after discontinued SE; dose dependent CD4/8 depletion and skin cancer CI:HIV Alefacept
This and TNF-a or anikinra leads to sure infection Abatacept
2ndary treatment of RA when TNF-a inhibitors or methotrexate doesn’t work causing T-cell anergy Abatacept
Tx: Chronic plaque psoriasis SE: immune mediated:thrombocytopenia, hemolytic anemia. Symptoms return immediately after stopped efalizumab
Treats MS but can cause Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy caused by JC virus Natalizumab
Created by: csheck