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Phrasal Verbs

AWAY Continuous activity: The secretary kept typing away, ignoring the noise outside
BACK Returning: I've back the tools I borrowed Reference to past time: This photo brings back memories of when I was young
THROUGH Completing, doing thoroughly: I need to think this through before I decide
The other particles can often be understood because they have their literal meanings of place and movement. Here are some additional meanings (see AWAY, BACK, THROUGH) When you read or bear a phrasal verb that you have ever met before, try to guess its meaning from its context. Does its particle help you to understand it? Can you guess its meaning from its context? Look the verb up in a dictionary to see if you are correct. Make a note of the verb and write your own sentence so that you can remember the meaning
UP An upward movement: We left early, just as the sun was coming up An increase, an improvement: Sales have gone up in the past year Completing, ending: We used up all the eggs when we made the cake Approaching: A taxi drew up just as we were thinking of calling one
DOWN Downward movement: The teacher told the pupils to seat down A decrease: That music is too loud! Turn it down! Completing, ending, stopping: Business was so bad that the shop had to close down
OUT An outward movement, not being inside: Let's eat out this evening Excluding: The double glazing helps to shut down the noise Completing, doing thoroughly: It took me hours to clean out that room
IN/INTO An inward movement: The spectators poured into the stadium Including, being involved: We'd better let her into the secret
OFF Movement away, detaching: We set off at midday Preventing entry, separating, not including: They've fenced off their garden to keep dogs out
ON Touching, attaching: I wish you wouldn't put on so much lipstick! Continuing: He went on talking as if nothing had happened
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