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Hercules Labors 1-3

Hercules Labors 1-3 (Second 25 items)

constituo constituere, constitui, constitutus = to decide
convenio convenire, conveni, conventus = to come together, convene
cornus -us, nt. = horn
corpus corporis, nt. = body (think "corpse"!)
crus cruris, nt. = leg, shank
depono deponere, deposui, depositus = to put/set down, deposit
dexter dextra, dextrum = right, right hand
difficultas difficultatis, f. = difficulty
diu (adv.) = (for) a long time
dolor doloris, m. = pain, anguish (think of the adj. "dolorous" in Engl.!)
exanimatus -a, -um = out of breath, exhausted; dead
fama -ae, f. = reputation, fame; rumor
faux faucis, f. = throat,jaws, maw
fax facis, f. = torch, firebrand
fera -ae, f. = wild animal, beast
flumen fluminis, nt. = river
fossa -ae, f. = ditch
frustra (adv.) = in vain (think "frustrated" in Engl.!)
gaudeo gaudere, gavisus sum = to rejoice, be glad
gero gerere, gessi, gestus = to wear, bear, carry; to wage (war); to manage
gravis -e heavy; grave, serious
haurio haurire, hausi, haustus = to drain (a cup, etc.)
hoc modo (abl. expression of manner) = in this way/manner
ignis ignis, m. = fire (think "igneous" (from fire) in Engl.!)
illo tempore (abl. time expression) = at that time
Created by: simsma