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BioChem Carbs

LECOM BioChem Ch 27 Carbohydrate

Bonds that form amylose α-1-4
Bonds that form Amylopectin α-1-4 and α-1-6
Bond in Lactose β-1-4
Sugars that make up Lactose Glucose and galactose
Sugars that make up Sucrose Glucose and Fructose
Bond in Sucrose α-1-2
Bond cleavage by Salivary α-amylase intrinsic α-1-4
Bond cleaved by Pancreatic α-amylase intrinsic α-1-4
Pancreatic α-amylase creates these Maltose, Isomaltose, maltotriose, and limit dextrins
4 brush boarder complexes Glucoamylase, Sucrase-isomaltase complex, β-glycosidase complex, Trehalase
Glucoamylase cleavage site α-1-4 bonds starting at reducing end
Sucrase cleaves sucrose, maltose, and maltotriose
Isomaltase cleaves α-1-6 bonds in isomaltose and α-1-4 in maltose/maltotriose
Glucosyl-ceramidase cleaves β-bonds between glucose and galactose and ceramide from lipids
Lactase β-1-4 bond between glucose and galactose
Trehalase α-1-1 bonds in trehalose
3 insoluble fibers cellulose, hemicellulose, lignins
3 Soluble fibers pectins, mucilages, gums
Transporter with higher affinity for fructose than glucose GLUT-5
Erythrocytes has this transporter GLUT-1
Glucose transporter in the liver GLUT-2
GLUT that is greatly stimulated by insulin GLUT-4
GLUT that is greatly stimulated by insulin, where is it? adipose tissue, skeletal and heart muscle
High capacity low affinity GLUT GLUT-2
In barrier function cells, High affinity, low Km GLUT GLUT-1
GLUT responsible for slow transport of glucose to the brain below 80mg/dL GLUT-1 in blood-brain barrier
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