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Lisa's Medical Terms

chapters 1, 2 and 3

ic pertaining to
ion action, condition
ive pertaining to, quality of
sis abnormal condition
pathy disease
ia condition
diabet diabetes
tens pressure
ket ketone
acid acid
neur nerve
pneumon air, lung
retin retina
card heart
pnea breathe
hypo below
tachy rapid
diabetes mellitus metabolic syndrome caused by absolute or relative insulin deficiency and or insulin ineffectiveness
diabetic pertaining to or suffering from diabetes
hypotension persistent low arterial blood pressure
hypotensive pertaining to or suffering from hypotension
ketoacidosis edcessive production of ketones making the blood acidic
neuropthy any disorder affecting the nervous system
pneumonia inflammation fo the lung parenchyma
retinopathy any disease of the retina
tachycardia rapid hear rate, above 100 beats per minute
tachypnea rapid breath
ary pertaining to
pulmon lung
logy study of
pneumon lung, air
respir to breath
pulmonary pertaining to the lungs
pulmonology study of the lungs or hte medical spcialty of disorders of the lungs
pulmonologist specialist in treating disorders of the lungs
pneumonia inflammation of the lung parenchyma (tissue)
pneumonitis inflammation of the lung parenchyma (tissue)
respiration process of breathing, fundamental process of life used to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide
respiratory pertaining to respiration
Created by: LisaGeb