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CLI's Sem 2 Ex 1

CLI's LECOm Exam 1 Semester 2 OMSII

ssRNA +ve stranded icosahedral, spherical virus, non-enveloped Norovirus
watery diarrhea, shortened intestinal villi, loss of digestive enzymes. Dx Norovirus
Norovirus uses what enzyme first to replicate? RNA-dependant RNA polymerase.
HIV enveloped or not? enveloped
HIV ss or ds? ss and diploid
HIV shape and capsid? spherical and icosahedral
HIV + or – sense? + sense (I’m HIV+)
What does HIV bind to enter cell? CD4 cell surface receptor and co-receptors
4 cell types that HIV invades? CD4+ helper T, monos, dendritic cells, and macrophages
What do you detect to Dx HIV? And to follow it? HIV antibodies, proviral DNA, and p24 antigen. Follow HIV-1 RNA load
Where do you see HIV-2? Africa
What enzyme does HIV use for replication, first? RNA-dependant DNA polymerase **reverse transcriptase.
3 HIV viral genes for structural proteins gag, pol, env
Very small gram negative Hard to culture, mainly Dx by serology Rickettsiae
Likes endothelial cells, needs ATP, CoA, and NAD Rickettsiae
Rickettseae Tx Tetra-, Doxy-cyclin, chloramphenicol
Rickettseae transmitted by tick, flea, mite, lice
Person drinks contaminated milk, develops diarrhea, gram negative gull shaped rod is isolated. Is the organism motile? yes, polar flagellum
What do C.jejuni colonies look like on agar? water droplettes
Special needs to grow C.Jejuni enriched media, 10%O2, 42*C x 24-72hr
Can C.jejuni invade gut mucosa? yes
Anaerobic Pleomorphic gram – rod/coccobacilli, non-motile, non-spore forming B.fragilis
B. fragilis special culture needs 48hr at 35* grown on blood agar or other anaerobic media
Specimen grows on anaerobic media, giving off a foul smell, produces acetate and succinate b.fragilis
Transmitted endogenously from normal gut flora B. Fragilis
Causes Lyme disease Borelia Burgdorferi
Causes relapsing fever Borrelia Recurrentis
Bit by tick, with erythema chronicum migrans erupts Cause? B. burgdorferi
Bit by lice, fever waxes and wanes Cause? B. recurrentis
Stains used to see Borrelia under light microscope Giemsa or acridine orange
Common cause of BV Gardnerella Vaginalis
Gram variable rod, facultatively anaerobic, needs increased CO2 to grow G. vaginalis
Clue cells, with positive whiff test after KOH G. Vaginalis
From bird droppings, hyphae in soil, spores in haled, yeast in body Histoplasma
Dx: Culture on SDA with yeast cells in sputum or lungs Histoplasma
Coiled larva in muscle biopsy, diarrhea, muscle aches, Pt makes own smoked ham T. spiralis
2-3 nm roundworm Trichinella Spiralis
Pt had brain surgery 30 years ago in Botswana (?), develops neuro Sxs, dies, intracellular vacuoles found in brain on autopsy. Cause CJD
Becca’s BF from the UK develops neurological Sxs as well as everyone in his family who ate the same beef strokemeoff. Dx? vCJD from bovine spongiform encephalopathy
Pathogenesis of prion disease. What does is do? Deposits altered host-protein
90yo Papua New Guinea warrior w/ neurological Sxs, keeps smiling/laughing and shaking. Dx Kuru
Created by: csheck