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109 Peds Ch. 36/38

Communicable Disease of Child

what are parts of epidemiologic triangle agent: bacteria/virus host: people env: contaminated water, daycare
What are 3 levels of prevention for children Primary: Immunizations, protect from disease/injury Secondary: promote early detection/tx, TB screenings prevent spread, hand wash, isolate 3rd: interventions for ill, asthma prog, rehabilitation, edu Tertiary
what are two main agencies to decide immunizations CDC(Ctr for Disease Control/Prevention AAP(Am Acad of Pediatrics)
how early should immun start Within 2 wks of birth: Hep B 2mos: HepB,DTaP,PCV,Hib,IPV,RV 4mos:DTaP,PCV,Hib,IPV,RV 6mos:HepB,DTaP,PCV,Hib,IPV,RV 12mos:MMR,PCV,Hib,Varicella,HepA 15mos:DTap
what are reasons for no immun No compliance, fear of autism, reactions, cost, place
What are Vaccine Info Statement(VIS) information sheets for parents of vaccine Must be incl in chart w/ date
what is Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System report any adverse reactions after adm Track lot #
where should most imm be given uner 12 mos. Size needle: Vastus lateralis:PCV,HepB,DTaP,Hib Deltoid: IPV oral: RV
Where should shots be given older than 12mos leg: DTaP,HepA,PCV,Hib,HepB,influenza arm:IPV,MMR,Varicella
what are key assessments for id of infections hx of exposure, know prodromal s/s(onset), imm hx, hx of having disease
which diseases cause major caution with compromised immune chickenpox: airborne, contagious 24h b4 s/s
Tell agent, transmission, odd info on ea. disease: Chickenpox agent: varicella zoster virus Trans: direct/airborne/isolation s/s: papule,vesicle,crust Tx: VZIG/VZG
diptheria lesions/resp trans: direct/isolation Tx: DTaP
Roseola high fever,rash(trunk,face) agent: Herpes virus type 6
(Rubeola)Measles Vit A helps Koplik spots(white on buccal) 2 days b4, rash trans: droplet tx: MMR Rub(12-15mos), Mea: x2
Mumps trans:direct/droplet May cause orchitis, meningoencephalitis, "dropping": sterility Tx: MMR (12-15mos)
Pertusis(Whooping Cough) trans:droplet/direct complications: pneumonia Tx: DTaP(2,4,6)
Polio agent: enteroviruses- 3 types Source: fecal/oral secretions trans: direct tx: IPV x4(2,4,6-18,4-6y)
Rubella(German Measles) trans: direct/indirect w/ article Complications: teratogenic on fetus tx: MMR
Tetanus from soil can't swallow/cough tx: 1st 48 hrs clean wound aggresively. muscle relaxers/reduce anxiety Tdap: 11-12y
what are 4 req for dev tetanus 1.presence of tetanus spores, port of entry 2.injury to tiss 3.wound condition favorable 4.susceptible host
TB trans: airborne screen, not immunize using Mantous test for PPD Less reaction = positive[<15 norm]
therapy for TB INH, Rifampin, PZA[triple drug], 6mos regimine
erythema infectiosum (Fifth Disease) red cheeks agent: human parvovirus trans: airborne/droplet
Scarlet Fever starts w/ strep throat 1st day: white strawberry tongue 3rd day: red strawberry tongue trans: droplet/direct complications: carditis, peritonsillar abscess, glomerulonephritis
conjunctivits Newborns: caused by chlamydia/gonorrhea, herpes simplex Infants: tear duct obstruct Children: bacterial trans: direct/isolate
Intestinal Parasitic Disease 2 most common 2 most common: enterobiasis(pinworm), Giardiasis others: hookworm,strongyloidiasis(threadworm)
common roundworm ascariasis
Which vaccine is live agent Varicella, MMR
what is additional virus recommended recently Rotavirus to infants 6-12wks w/ 2 more doses before 32wks
Where should vaccin be stored if need to be refrigerated center, not door
what is needle length for newborn to 2mos 5/8" vastus lateralis (Deltoid used above 18mos)
infants 1" vastus lateralis
toddler deltoid: 5/8-1" VL: 1-1.5"
adol 1-2"
what is essential component of adm vaccines long needle length to get deep in muslce, decr edema/tenderness
what should be documented on vaccines day,month,yr, lot #, exp date, name/address/title person giving it, site, route, evidence of consent, adverse reactions
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