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How is HIV transmitted sexually, percutaneous injection of contaminated blood, infected mother to fetus
what is epidemiology study of disease cause and distribution
what is incidence # of new cases approx 19mil ea yr
what phases do all STDs have latent or sub-clinical phase
what are top two reported STDS 1st: HPV 2nd Gonorrhea/Chlamydia
who is most affected w/ gonorrhea adol. and can tx w/o parent consent in most states, south, minorities
What is incubation period for gonn 3-8 days, short, killed by drying, heating, washing Men: dev 2-5 days
what can gonorr lead to scarring of fallopian tubes leading to ectopic pregs
What is diff. in men/women w/ gonorrhea men: symptomatic complications: prostatis, urethral strictures, sterility women: asymptomatic compl: PID, Bartholin's abscess, ectopic, infertility
what can gonorr do to infants cause blindness
what is presumptive diagnosis in men for gonorr? Women? Men: infected partner followed by urethral discharge, pos. culture Women: Must have culture
what is most common tx for gonorr Rocephin IM, antibiotics, abstanence, no alcohol
what are three stages of syphilis primary: start 2-3wks, painless lesion(chancre), resolve 2mos secondary: body rash 2-8wks after chancre w/ hands/soles. Latency occurs after 2nd tertiary:affect organs, aortitis, neurosyphilis, dementia, psychosis
How is syphilis mainly spread men to men sex, enter thru tear in skin or mucus membrane Also, needles, utero after 10th wk(stillborn) Incubation 10-90 days, long
what test is usually always with syphilis HIV wtih consent
Syphilis is systemic so how spread blood borne bacteria to all major organ systems Tx: antibiotics
what is condylomata lata moist weeping papules
what can latent stage be divided into early: w/in yr infect gotten late: infection present >1yr
what is to be known about Latent, 2nd stage pts wtih syphilis 70% of untreated in latent stage never dev 3rd stage
what are gummas appear in 3rd stage syphilis, destructive skin, bone, soft tiss nodular lesions
what two systems are affected in 3rd stage of syphilis cardio: aneurysms, valve insufficiency, heart failure CNS: neurosyphilis: speech probs, dementia
what are two diagnostic tests for syphilis dark-field microscopy: look for antibodies Serum tests: FTA, VDRL, RPR
what are reportable communicable diseases syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia,
Is chlamydia easy to detect no s/s in women, incubation period is 1-3 wks Men: have burning pee, discharge, swollen testicles, pain(epididymitis)
what is recommended for chlamydial testing annual for all preg, sex active <25yr, older w/ new partner
what is tx for chlamydia dual therapy cause usually gonorrhea is with
what is pyuria pee with pus
what are 5P's in assessment for sexual hx? Partners, prevention of preg, protection from STDs, practices, past hx of STDs
what are major goals wtih STDs undertand tx, reduce anxiety, incr comliance, absence of complications, know to treat partner, abstain 7 days after tx, condoms
what are common complications wtih STDs infertility, ectopic pregs, PID
what are two types of herpes HSV1:cold sores, above waist HSV2: below waist viral
what are prodromal s/s of herpes early s/s, initial: burning, tingling, lesions, ulcerate/crust
what is important to remember about HSV recurrence 50-80% next yr. Triggers: stress, fatigue, sunburn, menses
what are good hygiene meaures to follow for herpes loose clothing, no powders, fluids, nutrition, rest, protection, reduce anxiety
what is most common STD among young people HPV
what are most common strains of HPV 6 & 11, cause condylomata: warts
what are three medical cares to provide wtih STDs care of s/s, antibiotics, fetal protection if needed, counseling, teaching, follow up
With HIV, what are the infected cells involved CD4 & T cells
Will all infants be infected wtih HIV if born to mom w/ it no, 25% infected, most test pos to virus
what are three antibody tests for HIV and what is final confirmation EIA: antibodies Western Blot Assay: FINAL CONFIRM FOR HIV Rapid HIV antibody screening test: 96% accurate
what is primary infection rapid viral replication usually 4-7wks, known as acute HIV infection, perioud from infec w/ HIV to dev HIV-specific antibodies
what are safety sexual behaviors with HIV no share sexual fluids, 1 partner, condoms, dental dams, no anal sex, no share razors/toothbrush/sex toys/blood, inform others, no sex w/ other HIV, no donate blood/plasma/organs/sperm
Can non latex, lambskin, condoms protect from HIV no, use latex
with oral contraceptive and IUD, what is a concern with HIV both incr risk of HIV infection. Estrogen incr risk and string on IUD incr risk to trasmit
what are retroviruses carry genetic material in RNA and can create DNA by reverse transcriptase: attach,uncoat,DNA synthesis,integration,transcription,translation,cleavage,budding
what is normal range of CD4 Tcell count? What is problem? When does pt have AIDS normal: 800-1200, live 100 days problem: <500, inf cells live 2 AIDS: <200cells
what is definition for AIDS count <200, wasting syndrome, AIDS dementia, opportunisitc infection like PCP(pneumonia), HIV for 7-10yrs
what are s/s of PCP nonproductive cough, fever, chills, chest pain
GI issues wtih HIV/AIDS oral candidiasis, D(need L/day), wasting syndrome(10% loss)
what are oncologic manifestations wtih HIV/AIDS Kaposi's sarcoma: skin lesions, systems affected B-cell Lymphomas *clear sign AIDS has dev
What is neurologic affects of HIV/AIDS HIV encephalophathy: CMV is major cause b/c low immune cause it to become active
what is drug therapy for HIV decr viral load, detect early
what is window period for HIV HIV+ tests neg for HIV antibody while infected and contagious. 2-3wks later can detect
what is viral set point remaining amt of virus in body after primary infect, steady state of inf lasts for years
what is key nursing mgmt for HIV pt strict adherence to med regimes
which group is fastest growing for HIV heterosexual women
what is sign of electrolyte deficit decr mental status, muscle twitching, muscle cramps, irregular pulse, N/V, shallow R food: oranges/bananas
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