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Korean Verb

Korean Verb Lesson 4-9

읽다 to read
많다 to be many, a lot, much
적다 to be little, few
없다 not to be/ do not have
있다 to be/ have
가다 to go
오다 to come
가르치다 to teach
질문하다 to ask a question
자다 to sleep
작다 to be small
크다 to be big
계시다 to be (honorific)
살다 to live
앉다 to sit
찾다 to find
씻다 to wash
먹다 to eat
보다 to see
그리다 to draw
공부하다 to study
깨끗하다 to be clean
만나다 to meet
축하하다 to congratulate
일어나다 to wake up/stand up
대답하다 to answer
비싸다 to be expensive
싸다 to be cheap
웃다 to laugh
울다 to cry
맛있다 to be delicious
사랑하다 to love
운동하다 to do exercise
깨끗하다 to be clean
생각하다 to think
다니다 to attend
받다 to receive
인사하다 to greet
소개하다 to introduce
반갑다 to be glad
고맙다 to thank
건강하다 to be healthy
행복하다 to be happy
아니다 not to be
초대하다 to invite
주다 to give
배우다 to learn
맛없다 to be not delicious
듣다 to listen
마시다 to drink
재미있다 to be interesting/funny
재미없다 not to be interesting/funny
쉽다 to be easy
어렵다 to be difficult
덥다 to be hot
춥다 to be cold
쓰다 to write
청소하다 to clean
노래하다 to sing
노래를 부르다 to sing a song
일하다 to work
들어오다 to come in
보내다 to send
싫어하다 to dislike, hate
귀엽다 to be cute
좋아하다 to like
하다 to do
입다 to wear
사다 to buy
친절하다 to be kind
기다리다 to wait
(돈을) 찾다 to withdraw (money)
일다 to understand/to know
모르다 to not understand/to not know
입다 to wear/put on
들어오다 to come in
보내다 to send
싫어하다 to dislike, hate
뽀뽀하다 to kiss
(사진을) 찍다 to take (a photo)
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