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Geography Unit 1 NE


What are the two types of location that geographers use as reference points? Absolute, Relative
Geographers study political science to learn what? To study human activities and their relationship to cultural and physical environments.
Erosion is the warring away of Earth's what? Surface.
A stream is a body of water that what? Is flowing and is made from melting water, a spring, or an overflowing lake.
Groundwater comes from... Rain and melted snow that filter through the soil and form water.
What is magma? Molten rock that is pushed up from the mantle and makes ridges.
In which months do equinoxes take place? March, September.
An oasis is a place in the desert at which... Is an area of lush vegetation.
Global winds that blow in fairly constant patterns are called... Prevailing winds.
The earth rotates on its axis one time each... Day.
Wind patterns are... Patterns of the wasy air moves across the earth.
The earth's polar areas lie in the... 66N+, 66s-; Arctic Circle, Antarctic circle; High Latitudes.
Streams of ocean water are called... Currents
Calm, windless areas at the edge of the Tropics are called the... Doldrums
Between March 20 and September 23, the sun never ______ at the North Pole. Sets.
Created by: mceagle12