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MP 3 vocab


vestibulum, -i vestibule
aenus, -a, -um bronze
bruma, -ae winter
coluber, -bri snake
coruscus, -a, -um shiny
gramen, graminis, n. herb, grass
iuventa, -ae youth
nitidus, -a, -um glimmering
tego, tegere, texi, tactus to cover
exuviae, -arum spoils, skins
tumidus, -a, -um swollen
aeratus, -a, -um bronzed
postis, -is, m. door post
pubes, -is, f. youth
patesco, -ere, patui to open up
latus, -a, -um spacious
trabs, trabis, f. beam, timber
bipennis, -is, f. double-headed axe
excido, -ere, excidi, excisum to cut out
penetralia, -ium inner sanctuary
vetus, -eris old
aditus, -us entrance
trucido, -are to butcher
aries, arietis, m. battering ram
cardo, cardinis, m. hinge
compleo, -ere, -plevi, -pletus to fill, complete
ianua, -ae gate, door
ferio, -ire to strike, smite
figo, -ere, fixi, fixus to fix, fasten
pavidus, -a, -um frightened
plangor, -is, m. wailing, breast-beating
creber, crebra, cerebrum thick, frequent
aedes, aedium, f. home
insto, -are, institi to urge, press on
procumbo, -ere, -cubui, -cubitus to fall
agger, aggeris dike, dam
armentum, -i cattle
deficio, -ere, -feci, -fectus to fail, be lacking
nepos, nepotis, m. grandson
nurus, -us, f. daughter-in-law
stabulum, -i stable
thalamus, -i bedroom
aevum, -i age, life
axis, -is height, axis
cingo, -ere, cinxi, cinctum to surround, gird
forsitan perhaps
iuxta adv. close, at hand
senior, -is old man
diu a long time, long
Hecuba, -ae wife of Priam
desuetus, -a, -um unaccustomed
longaevus, -a, -um aged
ceu as if
columba, -ae dove
concede, -ere, -cessi, -cessus to yield
effor, -ari to utter
egeo, -ere to lack
inquam, -is, -is def. say
tam so
tueor, -eri to watch over
praeceps, -cipitis headlong
sese himself, herself, themselves
ausum, -i daring deed
curo, -are to care for, regard
infestus, -a, -um threatening
parco, -ere, peperci, parsum to spare
Polites, -ae, m. son of Priam
premo, premere, pressi, pressum to press
quamquam although
saucius, -a, -um wounded
scelus, sceleris, n. crime, villainy
pro for, on behalf of
sepulcrum, -i tomb
umbo, umbonis, m. shield
aes, aeris bronze
clipeus, -i shield
coram, adv. face to face
persolvo, -ere, -i, solutus to pay fully
letum, -i destruction, ruin
erubesco, -ere, erebui to reverence
ictus, -us stroke, wound
imbellis, -e unwarlike
ius, iuris, n. law, justice
praemium, -i prize
sero, -ere, sevi, satus to sow, beget
mentior, mentiri, mentitus to lie, pretend
abdo, -ere, abdidi, -ditus to hide, bury
capulus, -is hilt
ensis, -is, m. sword
implico, -are, implicui to entwine
laeva, -ae left hand
memini, isse to remember
narro, -are to relate, tell
tenus to, up to (abl.)
quondam formerly
sors, sortis, f. lot, destiny
nuntius, -i messenger
aeger, aegra, aegrum sick, weary
ciricumsto, -are, -steti to surround
deripio, -ere, deripui, direptum to savage
saltus, -us leap
truncus, -i trunk, body, torso
iaceo, -ere, iacui, iacitus to lie
desero, -ere, -ui, desertum to desert
avius, -a, -um pathless
excedo, -ere, -cessi, -cessum to depart
subsist, -ere, -substiti to stop, halt
amens, amentis mad, insane
incuso, -are to blame
undique everywhere
crater, -is mixing bowl
gressus, -us step, course
demo, -ere, -empsi, -emptum to take away
maestus, -a, -um mournful
lenis, -e soft, gentle
opimus, -a, -um rich, fertile
iamdudum long since
vena, -ae vein
equidem indeed
polus, -i sky, heaven
iugalis, -e matrimonial
pertaedet, -ere, pertaesum it wearies
socio, -are to unite
taeda, -ae marriage torch
adigo, -ere to drive away
dehisco, -ere to yawn, gape
Erebus, -i the Underworld
maereo, -ere to mourn, grieve
nosco, -ere, novi, notus to learn, know
cinis, cinceris, m ash, ember
alo, -ere, alui, altum to nourish, rear
quasso, -are to shake
etiam still, yet
Iarbas, -ae, m African Chieftain
infrenus, -a, -um unbridled
manes, -ium Spirits of the Dead
placeo, -ere, placui, placitum to be pleasing to
sitis, -is thirst, drought
aquosus, -a, -um watery
auspix, auspicis seer
hiems, hiemis winter storm
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