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Chapter 3 Motion

Sir isaac Newton was born in in and spent most of his time working on his . England 1642 inventions
list three examples of his inventions water clock sundial kites
He graduated from in 1665 Cambridge University
true or false, His teachers were amazed by him false
What terrible epidemic swept thought Cambridge in 1665 and how did it affect Newton? Plague, he had to move to his mothers farm which is were he made most of his inventions
Newton Had a very important discovery during this time. It had to do with hypotheses about the nature of . Motion
What did scientists believe up until this time about motion that a constant force was needed to keep and object in motion
It seemed obvious that if a stopped acting on an object, that object down and eventually . force, slowed, stopped
what struck him on the head while he was sitting under a tree? an apple
He wondered about the motion of this object and what might have caused it to move. He began to wonder about what caused the of earth, the Moon, and the in the sky. movement, stars
What is the first law of motion? an object at rest tend to stay at rest and an objet in motion tend to stay in motion
the tendency of an object to remain at rest or in motion is called inertia
List three examples of inertia in everyday life driving then slamming the brakes,a ball, and a rock
How can an auto mobile provide a frightening lesson in inertia a person can get hurt if your car is stopped quickly, you will keep going
List three things that engineers have developed in auto mobiles that help prevent the terrible effect of inertia air bags, seat belts,and head restraints
the more mass an object has the more it has inertia
Inertia is a measure of how much it takes to move something force
what three important discoveries did newton make he relationship between light and color, how the universe is held together, calculus
his first law of motion states that all bodies have . inertia
what is Newtons Second law an object that is at rest or in motion will not change it condition unless something causes the change
what is the definition of force a push or pull
what formula is used to calculate force f=m*a
What is the definition of newtons in words? What is the formula? the force needed to accelerate a 1kg object by 1 meter per second every second, it is used with the pull of gravity, N=kg*m/s squared
what is friction is a force that occurs between surfaces that are in contact with each other
Friction the motion of one surface over another resists
are liquids or fine powder used to reduce the friction between two surfaces Lubricants
when machinery rubs together, friction produces which can damage the machinery heat
how can this damage be avoided oil
why would walking not be able without friction your feet would slide
athletic shoes may have , ,or on their shoes to increase friction and prevent sliding studs, spikes of cleats
how could you also decrease the friction between your hands and a piece of equipment water,lotion,oil,butter,grease
and auto mobile feature that works by increasing friction is its . brakes
a newton is used to measure force
increase, decrease increase-gravel,cleats,sandpaper,carpet decrease-fine powder, oil, butter,wax,ball bearing
Created by: khart18