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Animal Nutrition2

Quiz2 21-40

Living or functioning in the presence of air or molecular oxygen. Aerobic
A polysaccharide found in the fibrous portions of plants. Cellulose
Swelling of a part of or the entire body due to an accumulation of excess water. edema
Chemical changes brought about by enzymes produced by various microorganisms. fermentation
The total heat of combustion of a material as determined by the use of a bomb calorimeter. gross energy
An indigestible compound which, along with cellulose, is a major component of the cell wall of certain plant materials. lignin
A large elongated gland located near the stomach. pancreas
Any one of many complex organic nitrogenous compounds formed from various combinations of different amino acids. protein
That part of the digestive tract lying between the esophagus and the small intestine. stomach
The movement of matter through space. work
A substance produced by one microorganism which has an inhibiting effect on the growth of another. antibiotic
cancer producing. carcinogenic
that part of feed which is not water. dry matter
Soluble in fats and fat solvents but generally not soluble in water. fat soluble
The chemical addition of hydrogen to any unsaturated compound. hydrogenation
The sum of all the physical and chemical processes taking place in a living organism. metabolism
Small nipple-shaped projections located on the interior of the rumen. papillae
Any feed high in crude fiber and low in TDN, on an air dry basis. roughage
One of a group of organic substances which, in relatively small amounts, are essential for life. vitamin
A pathogenic, diarrhea producing organism sometimes present in contaminated feeds. salmonella
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