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Fingerprint Vocab

Criminalistics chapter 14 vocabulary

Portrait parlé A verbal description of a perpetrator's physical characteristics and dress provided by a witness.
Anthropometry A system of identification of individuals by measurement of parts of the body, developed by Alphonse Bertillon.
Ridge characteristics Ridge endings, bifurcations, enclosures, and other ridge details, which must match in two fingerprints in order for their common origin to be established. Minute
Latent fingerprint Fingerprint made by the deposit of oils and/or perspiration; invisible to the naked eye.
Loop Class of fingerprints characterized by ridge lines that enter from one side of the pattern and curve around to exit from the same side if the pattern.
Whorl Class of fingerprints that includes ridge patterns that are generally rounded or circular in shape and have two deltas.
Arch Class of fingerprints characterized by the ridge lines that enter the print from one side and flow out the other side.
Visible print Fingerprint made when the finger deposits a visible material such as ink, dirt, or blood onto a surface.
Plastic print Fingerprint impressed on a soft surface.
Created by: katielinz